My Middle Sons Nightmare.

He’s 9 years old. He wakes us up. Crying about a nightmare.
That was 3 years ago. He sleeps at the foot of our bed now.
His nightmare about Medusa.
He was fighting Medusa & he’s dodging these red balls. He’s up on the air? (Dream confusion).
she cheats using her shadow minions.  A red ball hits him & he falls to the ground.
When he hits the ground he shatters into pieces. OMG (he’s only barely 9.)
But he’s not dead. it only hurts really really bad he says. He’s trapped in there & in his broken body. OK Hell raiser what’s up with this now.
The day my son made me cry. I always have taught that dreams are special even magical.
I remain silent now. I don’t know what dreams are anymore. I just watched Prometheus & I cried there too. 
Maybe I can find some Mother wisdom someday to cure his fears. For now we have a guest bedroom that should be a boys bedroom.
He wants to be close to his dad for safety while he’s asleep.
He hates mirrors but mirrors were not part of his dream nor bathrooms.
Maybe from schools Medusa lore kids spread. What school hasn’t had a “haunted bathroom” where Medusa is.
The past 3 years I’m Medusa on Halloween.  This year she’ll change into Amer. Horror Story: white nun or Gossamer ghost with bleeding eyes.
Maybe this will put the nightmare somewhere in his dark memories of afterthought.
I need him to move on . No I need to know he is alright & not as scared.
You can guess what scary movies are banned from our scary movie night. Luckily there’s a Promethean hero named Riddick. Vin Diesel, the superhero to my kids. Funny how a dream can truly change our opinions & prejudices of actors, etc.
“Dad & Diesel would really kick her butt” my youngest says. That’s the 1 st he’s ever said anything about it. Just hearing it (6 years old) scared him. Amazing how calm we act as nightmare is a family discussion appropriate for a 6 year old.  Retrospect would have been nice. Thanks for nothing. Retrospect must be demonic too.