1 in 5: Debating the Most Controversial Sexual Assault Statistic 

Is this not a sexual assault??? Spreading fear and stereotyping college students. Making them a target for sexual assualt in the future.

There was no such thing as child molestation in the 70’s.

At some point we have to be too old, too intelligent, too ethical, too morally preserved to be any of these perverted, racist, sexually desperate, sexually unemotional, assholes.

Why dont they catch these creeps in the act EVER? just 10 rapists caught in the act would be nice. There is the problem. Rape is after the fact. Never has one been arrested in the act. They don’t ever mention this fact of life to the public. Cowardice?? Tolerance??

Let that sink in & see how the truth keeps everyone home alone without friends. Especially of the opposite sex.

Everybody please get real.
Pedophilia is a sickness
Your President sucks anyways. I’m glad he is not mine. I voted Saddam before I would vote for that quack everyone put in the white house.

2 terms of 0 Justice while Tolerance is as ignorance and racism is a vessel to carry all this shit in.

Bottom feeders love Stereotyping & Inuendo to feed off & fuel their fires. And here we suck up tolerance by the tons.


A conservative women’s group is trying to debunk the claim that one in five women is a victim of sexual assault in college.

The startling one-in-five statistic has become a rallying cry for campus judicial reform and entered the public lexicon through widespread dissemination by the media and the Obama Administration. Obama created a White House task force on campus sexual assault earlier this year, and Congress is currently considering proposals to combat sexual violence on campus.

At a Senate hearing Thursday, the one-in-five statistic was invoked in opening statements. Catherine Lhamon, assistant secretary of education for civil rights, said that “sexual violence is pervasive” on many college campuses and James Moore, compliance manager in the Clery Act Compliance Division of the Education Department, said we are experiencing a “crisis of sexual assault” on campus. (The Clery Act, passed in 1990, requires colleges and universities to publish annual reports on…

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