Israeli Strike Kills 18, Stirs Debate over Targets

World War starting?


Newport Beach Lifeguard Drowns While Rescuing Man In Rough Waters

Dang these guys are well trained the waters had to be rip tide vortex. This isnt good.

CBS Los Angeles

NEWPORT BEACH (   —  A Newport Beach lifeguard drowned Sunday rescuing a man who got caught up in rough surf.

The lifeguard was identified as 32-year-old Ben Carlson, a 15-year veteran of the department.

Carlson entered the water about 5 p.m., near 16th Street, to rescue a man who got overtaken by rough water about 6-8 feet deep.

While making the rescue, Carlson was also overtaken by the rough rip tide.

After being hit by a huge wave, Carlson went down and was not seen again until about 8 p.m.

Carlson was pulled from the water near the Newport Beach Pier at 72 McFadden Place.

Newport Beach Fire Chief Scott Poster made the sad announcement at a news briefing Sunday evening.

“Today, it’s with deep sorrow,” Poster said, “that the Newport Beach Fire Department announces the on-duty death of one of our own.”

The Sunday tragedy was the first time…

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This Big Tobacco Merger Would Unite 2 Major E-Cig Brands

WAit & see.


Two of the three biggest tobacco companies, Reynolds American and Lorillard, sent shockwaves through the financial world Friday when they announced they were in talks about a possible merger. If the deal goes through, Reynolds, the maker of Camel cigarettes, would buy Lorillard, best known for its popular menthol cigarette, Newport.

It’s a complex deal with many factors at play, and there’s always a chance it won’t be completed. But the most surprising thing about the potential deal is that it marks the first time electronic cigarettes were one of the driving factors in merger talks between two tobacco companies.

“This transaction in our view will be very positive for the global tobacco industry and could be the just the beginning of future transactions with e-cigs/vapor being the underlying catalyst,” wrote Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog of the deal. That’s a pretty big milestone when you consider that the first…

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Hamas Commits ‘..Act of Nuclear Terrorism..’ According to UN Charter

Anything to hurt Isrrael because they can’t. Real war has no rules but its easy to say wrongdoing by UN who isnt goung to do anything about it. That why theyre saying “Bad Hamas”. UN is famous for their Can’t attitude during a war. Everyone reports this like it no big deal when any war in the the world should be front line news. Instead it is 10 mins in a 30 min news show between a barrage of commercials where most americans don’t watch because the headlines are over and only sports & weather are left to watch. It BS. Thank you wolf Blitzer of cnn for vip of the war.

sharia unveiled

Dimona Israel Nuclear Reactor


by, Ariel Cohen | The Daily Caller

In the latest step in a war of attrition with Israel, Hamas targeted one of the country’s nuclear reactors with rockets — an act which escalates the recent outburst of violence in the area to the level of nuclear combat.

An act of terrorism against a nuclear reactor in any form is defined as terrorism, as set out by the United Nation’s 2005 International Convention for the Suspicion of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism.

al-Qassam Brigades Attack on Dimona, Israel

لأول مرة كتائب القسام تقصف ديمونا بصواريخ

Video courtesy of: وكالة شهاب Shahab News Agency

According to the United Nations, “any nuclear reactor, including reactors installed on vessels, vehicles, aircraft or space objects for use as an energy source in order to propel such vessels, vehicles, aircraft or space objects or for any other purpose,” or “any plant or conveyance…

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Animal-Rights Advocates Protest Outside Ringling Bros. Show At Staples Center

After the elephant crying from india theyre charged up for elephants. For good cause too.

CBS Los Angeles

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES ( — The circus may be in town but not everyone’s celebrating.

Animal-rights advocates protested Friday outside the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey shows at Staples Center.

Activists say they’re speaking out because they’re concerned about the animals’ well-being.

“It’s an outrage; cruelty shouldn’t be entertainment,” a woman standing among the protesters said.

The animals may not be in their native habitat, but circus organizers insist the animals receive great care from trainers and veterinarians.

“These animals are as well off, if not better off, than their colleagues in the range countries,” circus animals director Janice Aria said.

Protesters insist that’s not true.

There’s video on PETA’s website of the elephants, a main attraction of the circus, chained in transport, chained backstage and chained in cages.

“These animals are suffering. They’re chained up for 23 hours a day, sometimes 11 months out of the year,” said…

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What it Means to be.. ‘..A Muslim’s Wife..’

This is very good. Thank you.

sharia unveiled

Mystery woman in red veil with beautiful green eyes

by, Abdullah Al Araby | Islam Review

He is asking for your hand in marriage, and you have fallen in love with his bronze Middle Eastern complexion. He is intelligent, rich, well-educated and well-mannered. So, what more can a woman ask for?…THIS MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR IS ALSO A MUSLIM!

“There will be no problems” he will say, “you can keep your religion, I will keep mine”. And while it is true that Islam allows a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman, is it true that there will be no problems in such a marriage?

To answer this question, a woman has to examine what it is like to be a Muslim’s wife

Your Status

  • Islam teaches that men are superior to women.” Surah 2:228
  • Islam teaches that women have half the rights of men:Islam considers the wife a possession. “Fair in the eyes of men is the love…

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BREAKING: Hamas Targets Nuclear Reactor in Dimona Israel in Latest Rocket Attack (Video)

Omg they can’t be that foolish. This is premeditation targeting certain locations.

sharia unveiled

Israel's nuclear reactor at Dimona.

Nuclear reactor in Dimona, Israel

by, The Daily Star

JERUSALEM: Two rockets fired by Gaza militants Wednesday hit near the southern town of Dimona where Israel has a nuclear reactor, the military said on Twitter.

“A few minutes ago, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired three rockets at Dimona. Two fell in open areas; Iron Dome intercepted the other,” it said referring to the Israeli missile defence system.

Hamas Attempts Strike On Israeli Nuclear Site:


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Good bye to my local visitor

I’ m glad it was a non rattler. Only a gopher but still the dog stayed on the couch. The cat stayed on our bed. The snake stayed in my boys room for 4 days. They slept on the couch in the living room. But who wouldn’t. My youngest said it was a baby. This doesnt look like a baby to me.




You get used to critters in your house in the Mojave Desert near Saltdale.

Doesnt mean I have to be happy about it.

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Mix Of Summer Season, Wildfires, Drought May Push Power Grid Limits

Everyone needs to wake up & act on this reality. Nobodys doing anything different that I’ve seen. This makes 2 resources endangered. while everyone acts like water is an infinite resource like oil. A burnt down house shouldnt be a wake up call.

CBS Los Angeles

ALHAMBRA ( — State energy officials Friday warned the statewide drought and continued threat of wildfires could pose challenges to power supplies in coming weeks.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports officials with California Independent System Operator (CAL ISO) reminded customers to conserve energy whenever possible, especially on hot days.[cbs-audio-player title=”Mix Of Summer Season, Wildfires, Drought May Push Power Grid Limits” artist=”Jon Baird” download=false image=”” url=”″ station_name=”KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO” station_logo=””]

In its May outlook report, CAL ISO stated that despite California’s severe drought and its impact on energy from hydroelectric dams, electricity supplies statewide should remain adequate “assuming no unforeseen major situations”.

Steve Berberich, CAL ISO President and CEO, said the agency prepares in advance for the surge in energy demand from increased air condition use, which doubles the amount of electricity needed during the summer.

The greater threat this summer, according to Berberich, could come from wildfires that might threaten…

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Collage Memorial of my Mom

Anyone who has a Mom who is at risk for Stroke. Beware. My mom suffered stroke at menopause while on horomone therapy (estrogen). Leaving her disabled in her left leg. She walked with a walker while dragging her dead left leg.
My mom was left handed. Her stroke affected her left side not her right. Which maybe an upcoming breakthrough Strokes occur on left side most of time. & not according to what side is stronger.

My mom became like clairvoyant or something but couldn’t write her name.
Stroke patients are very depressed & I dont believe it goes away. They usually take a regimen of psyche drugs. And eyesight is worse if already wearing prescription glasses. They require a new eye check to ensure your not further alienating them. I learned a lot caretaking my mom. Their meds they hide. All they try to do is not be sick or tirrd or thirsty. Pain doesnt occur brcause this is a sign of sickness. So they ‘ll suffer silently.

We miss you mom

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ISIS Crucifies 8 Christians in Syria for Apostasy From Islam

OMG. Islamics love their martyrdom. This is the harshest of all human rights violations. Let’s see what the humanists will do. Besides sanctions.
Sadly the islamics would never be cruicified they hate christians. Their hatsh realities serm to lead to us as their human slaves. Their laws and societys tolerance are the same
Islamic or not Segregation is evil.

sharia unveiled

8 Christians Murdered by ISIS Tweet 1

by, Dennis Lynch | International Business Times (IBT)

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) reportedly killed and crucified eight men in a town near Aleppo, Syria.

The independent monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the men were executed for being too moderate as members of a rival rebel group. They were crucified on Saturday and will be on display for three days in the town square in Deir Hafer.

 It is not clear whether or not they were killed prior to the crucifixion. A ninth man in Al-Bab was nailed alive to a cross for eight hours for giving “false testimony.” He survived.

ISIS has used crucifixions as punishment for a number of crimes in the past. It executed one of its own members for “extorting money at checkpoints by accusing drivers of apostasy.” Apostasy is the term for leaving or renouncing one’s faith, particularly…

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