Collage Memorial of my Mom

Anyone who has a Mom who is at risk for Stroke. Beware. My mom suffered stroke at menopause while on horomone therapy (estrogen). Leaving her disabled in her left leg. She walked with a walker while dragging her dead left leg.
My mom was left handed. Her stroke affected her left side not her right. Which maybe an upcoming breakthrough Strokes occur on left side most of time. & not according to what side is stronger.

My mom became like clairvoyant or something but couldn’t write her name.
Stroke patients are very depressed & I dont believe it goes away. They usually take a regimen of psyche drugs. And eyesight is worse if already wearing prescription glasses. They require a new eye check to ensure your not further alienating them. I learned a lot caretaking my mom. Their meds they hide. All they try to do is not be sick or tirrd or thirsty. Pain doesnt occur brcause this is a sign of sickness. So they ‘ll suffer silently.

We miss you mom

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