Hamas Commits ‘..Act of Nuclear Terrorism..’ According to UN Charter

Anything to hurt Isrrael because they can’t. Real war has no rules but its easy to say wrongdoing by UN who isnt goung to do anything about it. That why theyre saying “Bad Hamas”. UN is famous for their Can’t attitude during a war. Everyone reports this like it no big deal when any war in the the world should be front line news. Instead it is 10 mins in a 30 min news show between a barrage of commercials where most americans don’t watch because the headlines are over and only sports & weather are left to watch. It BS. Thank you wolf Blitzer of cnn for vip of the war.

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Dimona Israel Nuclear Reactor


by, Ariel Cohen | The Daily Caller

In the latest step in a war of attrition with Israel, Hamas targeted one of the country’s nuclear reactors with rockets — an act which escalates the recent outburst of violence in the area to the level of nuclear combat.

An act of terrorism against a nuclear reactor in any form is defined as terrorism, as set out by the United Nation’s 2005 International Convention for the Suspicion of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism.

al-Qassam Brigades Attack on Dimona, Israel

لأول مرة كتائب القسام تقصف ديمونا بصواريخ

Video courtesy of: وكالة شهاب Shahab News Agency

According to the United Nations, “any nuclear reactor, including reactors installed on vessels, vehicles, aircraft or space objects for use as an energy source in order to propel such vessels, vehicles, aircraft or space objects or for any other purpose,” or “any plant or conveyance…

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