58 Percent Of California In Highest Drought Rank

What can we do. Los Angeles sucks all Californias water through the aquaduct. With a big portion of the colorado river. All goes to Los Angeles. Is everybody going to just hang around to make sure every river is dried up (like Little Lake and The small Community that L.A. dried out. This is what they are doing here in our small community. where we are already very dry with low pressure and drilling deeper wells is something we cant compete with next to the Multi Millions so our property rights (mineral rights) are nothing because L.A. is thirsty.

CBS Los Angeles

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Federal drought monitors say 58 percent of California now is locked in their highest category of drought.

That ranking Thursday by the U.S. Drought Monitor marks a 22-percent, one-week jump in California territory suffering what monitors call “exceptional drought.”

Climate monitors say those latest figures show Northern California is in about as bad shape as the rest of the state in the now three-year drought.

Exceptional drought is classified as featuring widespread loss of crops and pasture. The category also signifies water shortages in streams and reservoirs severe enough to make for a water emergency.

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