Refinished Antique Dresser

I recently set out on an adventure in Restoration & Refinishing.  This poor dresser was so ugly looking I decided that would be a good first project since I couldn’t make it any uglier than it already was.

My kids helped me sand off the old stain and paint for about 35 seconds. They were good at not Momming me while I was sanding. They were afraid I would ask them for another 35 seconds of sanding I am positive.

It sanded very easily and the wood underneath the paint/stain was perfect for a quick stain and sealer coat. I cant wait to try my new found skill on other pieces of wood furnishings we have in storage.  

Here are some before and after photos of Ugly to Super Model.


wpid-cam01536.jpg wpid-cam01520.jpg wpid-cam01536.jpg wpid-cam01520.jpg