AK-47 Bank Bandit Reportedly Turns Up In Nebraska

CBS Los Angeles

CHINO (CBSLA.com) Authorities believe the bank robber dubbed the “AK-47 Bandit,” responsible for shooting a police officer in Chino more than two years ago, has struck again.

Officials believe AK-47 struck in Nebraska this past Friday.

Police from Chino have gone to Nebraska to aid in the investigation.

“We want to make everyone aware of how violent this individual is. He’s not afraid to pull the trigger. He’s already shot a police officer, so anyone who gives him any resistance, he’s not afraid to act,” said Det. Carlos Dominguez with the Chino Police Department.

Authorities said the AK-47 bandit robbed the California Bank and Trust in Chino in February 2012.

Following the robbery, he’s accused of shooting and seriously wounding an officer

The FBI said since the Chino heist, AK-47 has attempted to rob several banks in Sacramento, California as well as in Washington state and Idaho.

The bank robber…

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