San Francisco 49ers played like the Raiders Today

Without the color differences in their uniforms I would have sworn the Raiders played the Chicago Bears today.

I think they set a new record for number of penalties in a single game beating the Raiders long standing record of penalties.

They even started out so good like the Raiders with a TD in under 3 minutes of play to set the stage for the rest of the game.

Maybe it wasn’t their fault at all maybe the new stadium has the referees all confused about who exactly is playing, assuming it was the silver and black attack instead of those good old boys from San Francisco. I did see a quality in the 49ers I haven’t seen since the 80’s and that is the turnover deceptions. Ball is turned over to your team for a touchdown just to be cancelled out by a penalty from the front line referee.

Did my 12 year old die hard 49ers fan learn alot today about the game of play nice. I myself am a die hard Raiders fan who doesn’t watch too much anymore because I hate the disappointment. They have everything they need except that 1 thing that’ll take them over the top and stomp everyone in their path all the way to Superbowl for 1 last ass whooping on whoever is unlucky enough to have made it all the way from the Eastern division.

Maybe its the heavy metal in both teams colors that has them fighting on the side. 1st place in the un-sports-man-like conduct competition of penalties per game.  Maybe this is where all the Money is gambled as a side bet.?

Grace next week California Football teams – your going to need it ┬áso share nicely please.