California Seems to Keep its Weirdoes

As news has informed the country California is in a Drought Condition. Even though Cameras and Investigative reporting cannot quite assure anyone can truly grasp the concept of running out of water. It sounds impossible but it has already begun in some parts of Central California as Small Town Leaders outside of our Governor Jerry Brown are weighing in on reclaimed water for an emergency supplyl.  Yuck Toilet drinking water. If we don’t have a desalination technology to use ocean water as a supply first what makes these crazy’s in town council leadership think we have the technology to reinvent toilet water into healthy drinking water?   This is a whole new bigger Special sort of Weirdo “En Titled” because some stranger voted for them to be in office.

Then there is the opposite of an Arsonist starting up in California.  Los Angeles is being plagued with broken water mains on a twice a week basis ever since the Governor declared California in a state of emergency because of the drought.

Los Angeles has been hit with water main break after another. Flooding College Campus’s, Main Commuter streets, business districts, etc. As everyone reports these events I don’t understand why someone isn’t using their street cameras to investigate this “Coincidence” of water pipes breaking down like a dominoe effect.