Pit bulls Noteriety is from Bad Owners who Enslave and Trap Animals

I am the perfect opposite of all these Pit bull Owners who have these animals because they are cowards or braggarts.

We Inherited a Female Cat, and a House Male Pitbull.   Butch  is very  loved, spoiled rotten and polite to other animals. We had him  fixed a few years ago so he weighs more than the 2 teen boys together.

I raised, from pups, 6 pit bulls. Never 1 problem or incident from  any of them. Butch is my 7th.  Once butch introduces himself to strangers he does his duty. He remembers them and wont bark at them again. In fact he just discovered his bark. Now he barks at birds, lizards, and rabbits.  Everything he is too slow to catch.  Our fence is 2 feet high. My pitbull has free Rome. Only goes out of his yard with one of us.

He has fought off a coyote  that came too close to my boys.  He got the coyote and shook so hard they thought he broke Coyotes neck. It survived, moved far away from our area. If we had not run to where the boys left Butch he might have killed the poor thing. Butch  heard me so he stopped immediately tail wagging. He is not trained in any way but the basic commands.

Butch is one of my  success’ in life.   I am a very proud Pitbull owner.