CBEA – Learn About Us

CBEA – Learn About Us.


This seems to be a joke these people are using our tax dollars for education to go golfing and whale watching and I cannot find anything on their site that is educational except more links to other sites.

So they are passing the buck literally in the form of our tax dollars.

click on past events (as in webinars or educational material) you get past years tabs empty until 2009 when it appears they had another party fun, get together as well in 2008.

Our tax dollars Obama is shoveling out like abundant shit with no oversite or recourse except mega higher taxes 10 years from now.

He is making us more poor 5-10 years from now than we are now. Nobody will get money from the IRS they will take it and take more from us working poor and middle class to pay for all this shoveling our no contest President expects us to pay for.