Should Fox News figures *really* be arguing that people need to take tests to vote? If that includes basic U.S. geography, they probably have some brushing up to do themselves…

In other Fox attacks on voters, one minute they point out that “young people are not voting,” then ask, “do we want them to vote if they don’t know the issues?” 

If Fox is so concerned about having informed American voters, then perhaps they should stop misleading their viewers on a regular basis.

You see, when Fox says they don’t want young people to vote, they really mean they don’t want non-Fox viewers to vote, considering the average age of their audience is 68, and that age group generally votes Republican.

It also comes as no surprise that a study of public opinion found that Fox News viewers “are particularly likely to support voter ID laws,” which primarily affect women, black Americans, and Democrats. An estimated 11% of Americans do not possess government-issued photo identification. 

Other voting groups conservatives have targeted or brushed off:  

Meanwhile, Fox can’t think of one Republican “who wants to take away the right to vote.”

Who voted for Obama anyways? Nobody I know did, or knows anyone else who did.