Pilot lost his life to avert Spaceship2 from Homes

This man lost his life trying to avert Spaceship 2 from homes.

He succeeded by about 600′ and 250′.  They are worried about the rocket exploding and homes in the vicinity being impacted if they move it. There is debris scattered all over, Alot of bolts and Heavy duty Screws.

There are no words to describe our condolences to the family of the HEROIC pilot who risked his life for us we are forever grateful to him  My kids thank you because they still having parents and a home after school..

Us Humans really are incredible when it comes to push and shove all the bad press over the years regarding pilots misconduct.  I guarantee if it had been Richard Branson he would have done the same thing.

This is also why people of Cantil support test flight and enjoy the sights and sounds of the craft flying low overhead because They are allways more than just pilots but HEROS who are risking their lives because it is their JOBS.