California Remains In Severe Drought, Despite Soggy Week

Water isn’t as refreshing as it used to be where I am from. I’d rather drink out of the toilet than whats coming through my faucets right now.

CBS Los Angeles

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — More than 99 percent of California remains in moderate or worse drought despite rains received through the end of November, national drought experts said Thursday.

The data cutoff for the update was Tuesday, meaning rain and snow Tuesday and Wednesday from the state’s heaviest storms so far this season were not reflected, said climatologist Brian Fuchs at the National Drought Mitigation Center in Nebraska.

The update shows the state’s drought status was unchanged from the previous week, meaning 55 percent of the state still is considered in the most extreme category of drought while 99.7 percent remains in moderate drought or worse.

The past two months have seen several back-to-back rain storms. The rain in recent days was among the heaviest that some areas had seen in years.

Fuchs and other climatologists stressed that California needs to see a consistent pattern of storms to move it…

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