At Least Atty General made a Statement on behalf of Federal level of Justice

via Statement by Attorney General Holder on the Ongoing Situation in Ferguson, Missouri | OPA | Department of Justice.

Why is it racial profiling only occurred in Ferguson MO.  in and around California, New York, etc. There was no racial profiling by any of the medias.  Is this because we should assume the profile is a Caucasion (White) profile because all people are tired of not feeling safe on our streets, in our communities, in a strange neighborhood.  What good are police if nobody feels safe on the streets anymore?

Hell crackheads are afraid to roam the streets these days.  If everyone is indoors all hours of the night what do we need police for.

Ferguson is not just a one sided issue.  The death of every officer in the line of duty is on Missouri’s police officers shoulders.   Died in the line of duty is a harsher reality to every officer today and everyday to come.  Safety is an issue for citizen more but even greater to law enforcement  arresting  a more scared person.  Scared of the person handcuffing them.

How many more have to die before you see how wrong this is. Save your cowardly extreme prejudice for your sercret KKK in Missouri night rituals. Grand Dragon Coward