State of Mississippi and Oklahoma Aryan Indictments

via Twenty-Five Alleged Aryan Brotherhood Members and Associates Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges in Mississippi and Oklahoma | OPA | Department of Justice.

These guys are scary, gangland, terroristic, brotherhood.  Ferguson Mo is more like Old Mississippi burning (Gene Hackman), KKK tactics. these guys are more gang mentality stuck in the system. Why is it a white brotherhood can gain so much ground so quickly to become a scary threat to us compared to a mexican or black street/prison gang who can only rise up so far before they are a treat taken down.   This in and of itself proves racial inequality within Justice of our nation.  There is only 1 national justice there cannot be justices here and there according to crimes.   No crime is actually committed until the criminal is found guilty and the “suspect” is innocent until proven guilty.

Outside of this our justice system foundation is born of hell itself.