Arrest related deaths statistical tables Is something wrong here?

via Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) – Arrest-Related Deaths, 2003-2009 – Statistical Tables.

4,813 arrest-related deaths 2003-2009.

11% were suicides

6% were accidental deaths (I can’t breathe!)

42% were white 32% black, 20% hispanic

between 2003-2005 there were 2000+.

I grew up in Hawthorne California and racial profiling can really show a true conviction of statistical information.

Of the 20% hispanic, what were they arrested for.  I remember hispanics in my community (hard core gang members) only got arrested for “petty” crimes, Under Influence, theft, ighting with old lady, loud music, drunk in public, etc.  They get arrested for and charged or “violated” for crimes everyone else gets probation and drug rehab for they get parole violated just for hanging out on the streets singing some art laboe “I’m your puppet” old school music. This is their harrassment.

Why is young black guys hanging out chillin, “a bunch of crack dealers” who usually are not armed as “street soldiers” because thats a violence charge where as an actual crack dealer runs and gets rid of his crack they have nothing on him and his friends aren’t going to tell because they probably don’t know for sure if he is or isn’t because they just chillin.  Its always been the mentality that it is too dangerous to tote around a gun too. Fuck that cops see guns and your done.   So what is the difference here???  It truly is because they are black skinned, and maybe trying to beat the system and get away because come on black guys can outrun white guys all day long being cops too.  Cops police a neighborhood the black guys live there day and night and they see it all.  Mr police officer gets lucky creeping down their streets calling it patrolling.

In my book if you have a chance to not get caught with your contraband then you have a right as a citizen to get yourself off of the charges like you assume cops do to white folks and yes they probably do because we get caught stupidly, drunk, incoherant, beat up, or because we called the cops ourselves.  Black folks only call the cops in extreme cases when their being obviously coerced and harrassed consistently by another person who won’t take no for an answer and get out of their face without police presence breaking it up.

Back in my days growing up Police were livid, afraid and threatened by the Hispanic guys in my neighborhood because they were packing, and screwed up on PCP, Angel Dust, Sherm, LSD, etc.  THis kept police presence to a minimum.  They knew it was dangerous for them if they went extreme prejudice.  Back then they walked a “fine line” now they all act like crack heads going RAMBO on everybody.