Protesting Police tactics of Extreme Prejudice

I grew up in Hawthorn California surrounded by some hard core gangland shit.

Now I live near California City California in Kern County, Mojave Desert.  We are lucky and as citizens can honestly brag that Extreme Prejudice of our Police Department  is highly unlikely to happen.   In such a small town everyone knows everyone, everyone knows the cops, criminal and citizen alike, our kids go to school with their kids, etc. but there are also other Unprecedented elements to our small police force that gives us  familiarity to our cops and our cops the integrity they need to have to stay safe policing our community.

With the reality of these young black males and Minors not even drinking age being shot in cold blood by officers with peaceful protestors proving this whole police force tactics were racial in nature because of their military like ID Theft during the original demonstrations proving they did have “other ways” of “stopping” “slowing down”  and threatening a minor black child during  his being detained never required the use of a gun.  Your a trained police officer he is a child.  What is the first thing every young male child does when they think they are in a potentially threatening situation????   PANIC, YOU are a police officer TRAINED in these situations for adults because a childs panic can be easily diffused by trained personnel.   YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. EXTREME PREJUDICE leads to EXCESSIVE FORCE bet the odds in Vegas.

Thank GOD I am  blessed to live in a town where Police still strive for integrity as a person not just a police officer.  Yes we have our issues now and then but it all part of us living together cop and criminal, citizen and politician.   I should also be thankful for the fact that everybody knows the real justice is still found in our overburdened, overworked, underfunded, Justice. The only true law of the land is still upheld to the highest standard by our judges and when you answer him in “HIS” court where he is the law you stammer and shudder when you say “Yes, your honor” and you know you mean it and pray he knows it somehow too…. Dont forget to pay that ticket like you promised him you would or you are going to jail for a parking ticket. Guaranteed.