CDC Campaigning to Express the Importance of Staying Infection Free

CDC is reaching out to Chemo Cancer Patients the importance of remaining Infection free.

Anyone suffering the effects of Cancer on human life or its toll should browse this site because we are going through so much already we become empathetic to the little things like a simple infection isn’t shit compared to the cancer shit we are going through or the chemo shit they are injecting into us that is FUBAR already.  But Healthy is important even with the unhealthyness of Cancer that is still to this day a death sentence.

Why?  and How is this possible?

With all the billions of funding dollars over the last 30 years alone to Cancer Research and all the time 30years = 240 working (researching) days per year (not approximate) my rough estimate over 30 years of researching is 1 researcher = 1/2 million hours spent by 1 person on Cancer Research.

Billions of dollars spent, and being spent, millions of research hours by ?? # of people =  To determine how much they really want to find a cure.??

Our people are dying everyday, CHILDREN die everyday of cancers only children have….. There is your 1st clue.   and more women get brain cancer…. another clue. Just like aids is effects the white blood cell count and chemo even worse. Both Chemo and its adversary(?)the cancer itself lowers the patients immunity to infection.  Disease effect immunity to fight Germs.  Isn’t cancer a germ and Infections bacteria?

The power of the people want a cure (a cure: 1 single fix all cure for all the Cancers)for Cancer and we citizens maybe need to stand up and want it more then we claim.

GOD created heaven and earth shouldn’t maybe earth be our home that is also our heaven and let GOD stay as he always is.  A Loner with some weird relatives 7 billion strong and birthing.

If our death stats are so high with all the “getting old diseases” oh and getting old is slowly getting “Unhealthier” until death. Fuck wrinkles and looking old its too hard to stay healthy and harder with everyday that passes. Aging isn’t older n wiser Aging is wrinkling skin, flabby you know, and hair changing color to white (Gray) it looks white to me & I know trust me. and passing through the diseases that kill people my age to live 20 something more years where very few people pass into 90’s.

GOD wants us to live not defend ourselves for 30 years against an unknowable, immutable, unchangeable, impermeable Disease called Cancer. Cancer is the new GOD – the CDC says it is more like GOD than god himself.

So what is cancer really?  A KILLER that looks more like GENOCIDE AND MURDER.


America’s PrepareAthon! Communications Tools |

This is specifically for Earthquake preparedness. As I am now realizing back in 2005 I watched California earthquakes daily for several years prior until my computer crashed. Imagine just 10 years ago no mobile phones, smartphones, phone with its own internet connection just talk maybe text I don’t remember. Anyway I recently been browsing the earthquake site weekly or so and it is so scary
In 2005, 1 month Average 1000 earthquakes & this was in the highest range approx 777 on a Thursday before my computer crashed but there was still a few days left in the month and I remember this being a higher month than usual. On this particular day there were 26 earthquakes at 10pm.

Today 2015 there are 700+ A WEEK not Monthly averages. I believe it resets on Sunday and Today (Thursday) there is already 523+
I haven’t found weekly averages for earthquakes on the site. I noticed they have expanded with california colleges like Berkley tracking earthquakes now too so the info has expanded like the # of earthquakes.

I want to be prepared for my family’s sake. I have 4 boys from adult to preschooler and Preparedness is a Absolute Must for me.

America’s PrepareAthon! Communications Tools |

Americas Preparathon Link for Spring 2015

This site has some really good tips and tricks for disaster preparedness and what to have stored and what plans to share with the family just in case anything happens.  With the winter storms we are having and in California where I am at we get freak snow all the time and a blizzard every 50 years so we are overdue for one from 1942 and we are in a flood zone.

It is too bad I couldn’t help out the east coast with some sand bags and salt for the roads. We, in California are  full of sand dunes from drifting sand for past 2 years. Dunes so high some dunes are actually buried single story houses, vehicles, campers, trucks and 1 motor home in our suburb.  I am located next door to a dry salt lake that is premixed with sand and dirt to salt roads.


Copy of de3cklenSciPresentation – Google Slides

Anybody ever needs to do a presentation or report. Google is awesome for it. they have templates you can choose from and just add your info any customization is so simple you already know how if you blog or ecommerce or have typed a letter in windows. I used it for my boys to enter science project info into with me managing the customizing parts

Copy of de3cklenSciPresentation – Google Slides

BREAKING: Japanese Officials Confirm ISIS Murdered Hostage Haruna Yukawa

ISIS is organized for murder but they are nothing more than cowards. I am sure they murdered in a way that is against their conservative and traditional morals and ethics and dis honored the young students lifeless body in a way that reflects the same on the Japanese Empire. Beware ISIS all of East Asia is now watching. They cant do but little more harm I already knew they were dead when the announcement happened because that is the type of people they are Shedding the Blood of the Innocents will soon become a do or die then what. COwards do as Cowards do.
I try not to understand where these enemys of GOD and ALLAH think they will re emerge Victorious. WE ARE BOMBING the plane that is the landscape and backdrop of GEDDON (GEDION) hill or hill of geddon – ARMAGEDDON.


Compared to Ferguson MO, New York City, Berkley CA, Current events since 2014-2015???
Peaceful protestors in Russia protesting the governmental powers of Vladimir Putins “Regime”
Now our state departments comments follow….. Does Obamas “regime” have a hard on for Dictating Russia or what????
In Washington, U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said “we are disturbed by images of police mistreatment of peaceful protesters, both during the protests and after detentions.” The U.S. and Russia had made significant process in their relationship, he said, but “we’re going to continue to raise human rights issues when we have concerns, and this is one of those cases.”

Californias Journeyman it is now Easier to Become a Licensed Contractor

My husband has been a Plumber since he was 16 years old. Working for his Dad. He then worked for the school district as “The Plumber”. After a back injury he went back to Plumbing side jobs.  You would think with this much experience under his belt he would easily be handed a license.

Up until today it hasn’t been that easy. Now it seems some changes have been made making it easier for him to be considered a Journeyman Plumber and it won’t be necessary for him to take “Classes” for Plumbing. Which would suck because he could run the classes.  In the 12 years we are together not once has he been called back to a previous job for a second time repair or fix. He has repaired more work done by rookies who get all confused and leave a homeowners plumbing incomplete and the water off after 2-3 days of this hired wanna be plumber trying to stop a leaky pipe.

these are actually the best jobs to get because the pipes are already exposed ie: the trench is already dug to expose the pipes so he doesn’t have to shovel and trench the underground pipes it is already dug out. So that is always the first thing he mentions to the homeowner. From here most of these jobs he can have done in a few hours or less including backfilling the trench to keep the pipes once again underground.

I hope he can now get his own license or renew his Dads because he has one of the earliest Contractor License numbers there is.

2011 Russian Protestors vs 2014 Ferguson Protestors What is the difference

Obama loves dictating to Russia its scruples and Morales.

USA commits Human Rights Violations following the 2011 example Russian Police set during protests in Moscow. 3 years later United States follows suit with Police Officers in Ferguson MO.

Obama needs to pack up and like a thief in the night get the f*#@! out of Washington.  Where is Martin Luther King and Malcolm X right now???  Celebrating

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTIN LUTHER KING we are going to need your style to undo this racial mess we are getting deeper and deeper into. With just 1 idiot president. nobody I know voted for him.  It always should have been you.

In Washington, U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said “we are disturbed by images of police mistreatment of peaceful protesters, both during the protests and after detentions.”

The U.S. and Russia had made significant process in their relationship, he said, but “we’re going to continue to raise human rights issues when we have concerns, and this is one of those cases.”

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Wikipedias Bloggers by Nationality

This is really interesting stuff about Bloggers by nationality with their full names, etc. I came across this reading up on Vladimir Putin and his regime in Russia because I actually like the guy for some reason. I think because he actually smiles sometimes where you never see a Russian leader smile until Gorbachev.

Little known info about Putins leaders; several of them are tweeters. As his opponents bloggers.

Pope Calls Out Philippines on Corruption and ‘Scandalous’ Inequality

Love Pope Francis the Saint


Pope Francis has called on the Philippine government to fulfill its pledges to crack down on the country’s rampant corruption.

Addressing assembled dignitaries, including President Benigno Aquino, at the Malacanang presidential palace in Manila on Friday, the Pontiff called on “everyone, at all levels of society, to reject every form of corruption which diverts resources from the poor.”

He added that “it is now, more than ever, necessary that political leaders be outstanding for honesty, integrity and commitment to the common good” and asked Filipinos “to hear the voice of the poor.” Injustice and oppression, he said, had given rise to “glaring, and indeed scandalous, social inequalities.”

The Pope’s remarks will have resonance for Aquino. When he campaigned for President in 2010, he vowed to fight poverty and tackle corruption and said that for too long the Philippines’ ruling elite had grown rich at the expense of the poor. The…

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This Is the Absolute Perfect Way to Describe Yourself

go to wordpress about:me page for brain happiness – thought provoking. Hey why is my proofreader correcting the word wordpress? Irony



It’s been scientifically proven that talking about yourself makes your brain happy. Then why is it always so hard to write a professional bio for yourself?

That blinking cursor can be a nemesis when you have lots to share but you don’t know where to begin and you don’t want to bore anyone away by saying too much.

Don’t sweat it! You can write a bio that sends the right message and sounds like the true “you.” Here are four things to keep in mind.

1. Know Your Audience

When you’re writing your bio, you’re likely thinking about, well, you. But a better starting point is to think about who will be reading it.

Imagine a specific individual who will read your bio, and write for her. For instance, let’s say you’re on an alumni panel for your college. Student attendees will want to know what they should be…

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Hollywood Reacts To Oscar Snubs at Critics’ Choice Awards

Hollywood goes viral with bias


Two major Hollywood events took place on Thursday: first, the 2015 Academy Award nominees were announced and, later, many of the same actors, directors and producers honored — and snubbed — gathered together on the red carpet of the Critics’ Choice Awards, though the Oscars were clearly at the front of everyone’s thoughts.

Selma’s Carmen Ejogo, who played Coretta Scott King, said in an interview with USA Today, that she wished co-star David Oyelowo and director Ava DuVernay had been nominated. “I would have love to have seen them nominated,” she said. “They should have been, in my opinion.”

When Jessica Chastain, an awards’ favorite who wasn’t nominated for any of her four films this year, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet about the frustrating lack of diversity in Hollywood, she also seemed disappointed about the Selma snubs. “I long to see diversity in things in…

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you are my greatest like this year and for last year as well

Cristian Mihai

dream_cityDarkness is simply the absence of light. And the absence of pain is a dream-like state in which seconds tick as loud as a sledgehammer smashing against a wall. A constant terror rattling inside your bones.

But pain, if you chose to, can give you more strength that you ever imagined.

I work every day for as long as I can. I draw, I paint. I’m searching for something. I’m no longer afraid of dying. I takes me five, six hours to finish a painting. I smoke a cigarette, take the painting of the easel, and start a new one.

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