Pitbulls are Worth Fighting For

As an avid Pit bull lover I cannot believe how strongly the hatred is for these animals.   This is against our human nature as GODS people.  He who created us in his image and likeness you think it is ‘”humanly possible” for us to hate anything GOD created and made.  For it is  he who is Satan= separated from god. That resembles this type of hatred upon a total stranger.

How can people be so driven by their own Empathy given them from biased news reports of pitbulls when all canine are domesticated animals. Domesticated by humans,  as are Felines.

We are entrusted to keep these Domesticated animals safe, healthy, and “DOMICILED” in a SANE environment.




All these attacks are because these dogs know they are better off living as strays on the streets amongst people, not with people.   owners who abuse, fight, beat and starve them until they die

Locked in cages or chained –  HELLO DOG OWNERS this describes a lifetime prison sentence in ALCATRAZ> what did your “Family Pet” ever do to deserve this????

When will you get some common sense? If you can’t care for an animal then you need to be locked up for your own safety. In a mental facility  because you sure as hell can’t properly care for yourself or other people when you fail with a dog.

Imagine what an eternity in hell will feel like to these people.  I guess this is what the media feels, PITY for these dreadful people who are Sadistic animal owners.  I know for a fact it is the environment they are raised in.  A bunch of little canine Jeffrey Dahmers running around but worse.

They have an animal instinct and they as all canine breeds have the right to live in a domesticated world with people who care about them not just “for them”

All these reports of attacks when most of them are getting bitten trying to break up fighting – Showing aggression against the stranger dog (always the pitbull). the media frenzy thinks we Americans enjoy such news?  More Sadists within our media.

The media has a responsibility to the public to be unbiased and without conflict of interest.  Instead they are like all the Old ladies that hate pitbulls because one attacked and killed their little pet dog and bit her trying to save the yapping ankle biter.  They look like they are only good as food anyway.  They are useless as pets and too neurotic. It is proven fact that you are more likely to be dog bitten by a yapping ankle biter while standing still than any other dog bite.

What kind of people become empathetic to medias BIASED reporting tactics.  A person who believes in the integrity of the News as we should.

According to our 1st amendment and several others I could call out about Media responsibility being  intertwined with our Rights as American Citizens.