Three Mosques Burnt This Week in Sweden

We have friends/neighbors who are from Sweden. I hope they are okay

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APTOPIX Sweden Mosque Fire

by, Tom Sullivan | Yahoo News | h/t Brandon Watkins III

Stockholm, Sweden (AFP) – Swedish police launched a manhunt Thursday after the third arson attack against a mosque in a week, amid growing tensions over the rise of a far right anti-immigration movement.

“People saw a man throwing something burning at the building,” police in Uppsala said in a statement, adding that the mosque in eastern Sweden did not catch fire and that the suspect had left behind “a text on the door expressing contempt for religion.”

A police spokesman told Swedish news agency TT that the burning object was a Molotov cocktail and that no one was in the building at the time.

Sweden’s Islamic Association posted a photograph online of the main door of the mosque, which was emblazoned with the slogan “Go home Muslim shit”.

The police were alerted by passers-by, who reportedly witnessed the attack at…

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