‘Ferguson’ Is 2014’s Name of the Year

Why is it Ferguson is what the media is shoveling at us to remember so what happened to Michael Brown. It is an easy name to remember a name and a young person who is more worthy of Name of the Year. The media knows all the old sayings and their favorite here is “Oh how quickly they forget”
Michael Brown only 1 of many, and many more young black men who have lost their lives to a trusted member of law enforcement for doing nothing and it has been going on for years not just starting right now.
There should be a memorial established in Ferguson MO. with the names and faces of every young man, newleywed, parent, juvenile criminal, working class, poor, church member, gang banger, driver of the car, civil rights leader, and rebeller as well as inciter this would give peace to all the families who have lost a loved one in the prime of their lives to Excessive Force and Extreme Prejudices of the southern extremes of America.

See media it is easy to play on words but to force it continually down our throats and nothing else but this one truth you are only hurting your paycheck. This media blackout of very newsworthy events and issues is bias” A media blackout – You act as if you fear and tremble for the time of MLK is upon us once more. Glad to know the media is prepared and has all their prepared statements ready. You can’t hide the truth and dead is dead nothing else. Maybe only a memorial wall of “Gratitude” for the short times we had with each other.


In the basement of a Portland hotel Friday, a room full of members of the American Name Society gathered for their big annual event: voting on the name of the year for 2014. They nominated and spoke for and against the names of people, places and things that mattered last year before a decisive vote. By a 15-vote margin over the other finalists, “Ferguson” became their name of the year.

Ferguson, of course, is the name the St. Louis suburb where a police officer shot and killed teenager Michael Brown last year, setting off weeks of racially charged unrest around the country. Others also spoke up in favor of the eventual winner. “We can use our voice for social good and also for a movement that has some political weight to it,” said one member.

Iman Laversuch Nick, the incoming president of the society, gave a short speech in support…

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