Safir: The War on Police Hurts the War on Terror

This is the first reasonable and appreciable compassionate thing I have heard from anybody admist all our frustration with the police setting an example of hate feels the same as executing as an example of hatred right back at police. This time the police were innocent victims should there be such a thing. NO!! Under no circumstances can there be this is an eerie conflict of interest remember courts make cops innocent victims with not guilty charges too why is 1 okay and not the other. Murder is all the same it is where death has occurred.


The tragic events in Paris raise the question, could it happen here? That is the wrong question. It has happened here. The difference is in most cases we stopped it. The “we” are the hundreds of thousands of state and local police officers across the country who are the country’s eyes and ears in recognizing and preventing terrorist attacks. The FBI is an effective investigative organization, but they are not the ones on the streets of this nation. It is police departments, both large city and small town, that will stop a terrorist attempt to blow up a car in Times Square, or take over a school in our heartland. They will also be the first responders. If they are not operating at 100%, we are certainly at risk. If they feel unappreciated and under siege, as I know they do, they will not be effective. They will do the…

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