Feds Limit Law that Lets Cops Seize Your Stuff

After years of people losing everything and basically being left homeless with not even a car to sleep in. Better late than never. But why do we need to keep reviewing our basic 4th amendment rights, 2nd and 1st amendment rights with the COPS. You people are really serious about this re teaching COPS the law. Which is very scary to me. They should already know the boundaries of the most basic of our law, Its foundation. If they don’t then they should be FIRED before they are FIRED upon before they murder someone else in their protective custody


Attorney General Eric Holder announced Friday that state and local officials would no longer be allowed to use federal law to seize private property such as cash or cars without evidence that a crime had occurred.

It’s the first major reform of a program launched as part of the so-called War on Drugs that has allowed police to confiscate billions of dollars in cash, vehicles and other types of property without evidence of wrongdoing. Since 2008, state and local agencies have seized $3 billion worth of property through more than 55,000 stops and seizures, and 80% of the proceeds go to local police departments or drug task forces, according to the Washington Post.

“With this new policy, effective immediately, the Justice Department is taking an important step to prohibit federal agency adoptions of state and local seizures, except for public safety reasons,” Attorney General Holder said in a statement.

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