Growing Up in Atlanta, Every Day Was MLK Day

More Obama filthy lucre why is MLK birthday so downplayed these past few years Sorry democrats but your unscrupulous political party has me proud to be an American Citizen with a Republican party loyalty but I still vote for the best man for the job regardless and all the democrats I voted for are not ones to socialize they are hard workers and true political agenda holders. Where the agendas are FOR THE PEOPLE not in spite of the people.

Obama didn’t even win the Georgia primary for a state that is majority black and majority Democratic bad move democrats us republican voters are watching you guys really close because we know how you like to catch your party off guard with scandal. it takes scandal to politically maneuver with scandal. Its called fighting dirty, not playing nice.


To grow up in Atlanta is to be always aware of the story of Martin Luther King, Jr., and to see it intertwine with your own fate.

I was born there in 1978, less than a mile from the house where King grew up. As a schoolchild, I like others, visited Atlanta’s Auburn Avenue—the street where King was born, worked, died, and is honored. To see King’s neighborhood, and the home he was born in, humanized him for us children, letting us know that he was once young like us, wrestling with classes and playing with siblings. We went to the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, where King declared, “If you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice,” and to the headquarters of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the organization he led until his death in 1968. We visited the…

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