This Gorgeous Art Deco Bus May Sell for a Record Price

This is awesome look out Mercedes Benz, and John Delorean


Every January, Barrett-Jackson ceo Craig Jackson brings together just about every type of mind-blowing collectible car for his annual Barrett-Jackson auctions in Scottsdale, AZ. This year there is one vehicle that easily trumps all the Ferraris, Shelbys, Packards and others that will cross the block: Lot #2501, the General Motors’ 1950 Futurliner.

Built at a time when GM was indeed King of the World, the Futurliner was its tourbus. Created for a traveling public relations road show called the Parade of Progress, the Futureliner is based on a 1940 design that is overflowing with fabulous Art Deco touches. The most obvious are the steel ribs that flow along the sides of the body; there’s similar, curved fluting on the upper body, just behind the windscreen. A distinctive, sharp crease runs down the center of the imposing front cabin, and it perfectly bisects the screaming gold-colored “G” and “M”—as if there…

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