2011 Russian Protestors vs 2014 Ferguson Protestors What is the difference

Obama loves dictating to Russia its scruples and Morales.

USA commits Human Rights Violations following the 2011 example Russian Police set during protests in Moscow. 3 years later United States follows suit with Police Officers in Ferguson MO.

Obama needs to pack up and like a thief in the night get the f*#@! out of Washington.  Where is Martin Luther King and Malcolm X right now???  Celebrating

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTIN LUTHER KING we are going to need your style to undo this racial mess we are getting deeper and deeper into. With just 1 idiot president. nobody I know voted for him.  It always should have been you.

In Washington, U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said “we are disturbed by images of police mistreatment of peaceful protesters, both during the protests and after detentions.”

The U.S. and Russia had made significant process in their relationship, he said, but “we’re going to continue to raise human rights issues when we have concerns, and this is one of those cases.”