Californias Journeyman it is now Easier to Become a Licensed Contractor

My husband has been a Plumber since he was 16 years old. Working for his Dad. He then worked for the school district as “The Plumber”. After a back injury he went back to Plumbing side jobs.  You would think with this much experience under his belt he would easily be handed a license.

Up until today it hasn’t been that easy. Now it seems some changes have been made making it easier for him to be considered a Journeyman Plumber and it won’t be necessary for him to take “Classes” for Plumbing. Which would suck because he could run the classes.  In the 12 years we are together not once has he been called back to a previous job for a second time repair or fix. He has repaired more work done by rookies who get all confused and leave a homeowners plumbing incomplete and the water off after 2-3 days of this hired wanna be plumber trying to stop a leaky pipe.

these are actually the best jobs to get because the pipes are already exposed ie: the trench is already dug to expose the pipes so he doesn’t have to shovel and trench the underground pipes it is already dug out. So that is always the first thing he mentions to the homeowner. From here most of these jobs he can have done in a few hours or less including backfilling the trench to keep the pipes once again underground.

I hope he can now get his own license or renew his Dads because he has one of the earliest Contractor License numbers there is.