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This is specifically for Earthquake preparedness. As I am now realizing back in 2005 I watched California earthquakes daily for several years prior until my computer crashed. Imagine just 10 years ago no mobile phones, smartphones, phone with its own internet connection just talk maybe text I don’t remember. Anyway I recently been browsing the earthquake site weekly or so and it is so scary
In 2005, 1 month Average 1000 earthquakes & this was in the highest range approx 777 on a Thursday before my computer crashed but there was still a few days left in the month and I remember this being a higher month than usual. On this particular day there were 26 earthquakes at 10pm.

Today 2015 there are 700+ A WEEK not Monthly averages. I believe it resets on Sunday and Today (Thursday) there is already 523+
I haven’t found weekly averages for earthquakes on the site. I noticed they have expanded with california colleges like Berkley tracking earthquakes now too so the info has expanded like the # of earthquakes.

I want to be prepared for my family’s sake. I have 4 boys from adult to preschooler and Preparedness is a Absolute Must for me.

America’s PrepareAthon! Communications Tools |