CDC Campaigning to Express the Importance of Staying Infection Free

CDC is reaching out to Chemo Cancer Patients the importance of remaining Infection free.

Anyone suffering the effects of Cancer on human life or its toll should browse this site because we are going through so much already we become empathetic to the little things like a simple infection isn’t shit compared to the cancer shit we are going through or the chemo shit they are injecting into us that is FUBAR already.  But Healthy is important even with the unhealthyness of Cancer that is still to this day a death sentence.

Why?  and How is this possible?

With all the billions of funding dollars over the last 30 years alone to Cancer Research and all the time 30years = 240 working (researching) days per year (not approximate) my rough estimate over 30 years of researching is 1 researcher = 1/2 million hours spent by 1 person on Cancer Research.

Billions of dollars spent, and being spent, millions of research hours by ?? # of people =  To determine how much they really want to find a cure.??

Our people are dying everyday, CHILDREN die everyday of cancers only children have….. There is your 1st clue.   and more women get brain cancer…. another clue. Just like aids is effects the white blood cell count and chemo even worse. Both Chemo and its adversary(?)the cancer itself lowers the patients immunity to infection.  Disease effect immunity to fight Germs.  Isn’t cancer a germ and Infections bacteria?

The power of the people want a cure (a cure: 1 single fix all cure for all the Cancers)for Cancer and we citizens maybe need to stand up and want it more then we claim.

GOD created heaven and earth shouldn’t maybe earth be our home that is also our heaven and let GOD stay as he always is.  A Loner with some weird relatives 7 billion strong and birthing.

If our death stats are so high with all the “getting old diseases” oh and getting old is slowly getting “Unhealthier” until death. Fuck wrinkles and looking old its too hard to stay healthy and harder with everyday that passes. Aging isn’t older n wiser Aging is wrinkling skin, flabby you know, and hair changing color to white (Gray) it looks white to me & I know trust me. and passing through the diseases that kill people my age to live 20 something more years where very few people pass into 90’s.

GOD wants us to live not defend ourselves for 30 years against an unknowable, immutable, unchangeable, impermeable Disease called Cancer. Cancer is the new GOD – the CDC says it is more like GOD than god himself.

So what is cancer really?  A KILLER that looks more like GENOCIDE AND MURDER.