California Farmers to Go Another Year Without Federal Water

How easy the DWP and LADWP and SWRCB can just take away a persons right of life without water we are dead of dehydration and saying no for political maneuvering and political motivation is an up and coming lt. governor worse than GRAY DAVIS replaced with Arnold Schwartzenegger.


Russian Opposition Leader Shot Dead

The strategy here is obvious to any american who actually follows Vladmir Putins leadership in Russia not just the Putin headlines to sell more papers. This is all leading to a COUP. This is what Putin is saving for trying to show confidence in his strict adhering Conservative “Elder Kremlin guys as a Prime Minister of style, grace and aptitude for his wit so intelligent and strong yet he is still too young. A bloody coup in Putins Prime YOuthful lifetime I wouldn’t put it past the ‘russian regimes’ involvement to ensure the health and safety of the russian people if a COUP is bloody they too are targets for assassins bullets


A leading critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin was shot and killed in central Moscow on Friday.

Boris Nemtsov, a deputy prime minister under President Boris Yeltsin, was killed by an unidentified attacker, Russia’s Interfax news agency reports.

President Barack Obama condemned Nemtsov’s murder in a statement Friday. “I admired Nemtsov’s courageous dedication to the struggle against corruption in Russia and appreciated his willingness to share his candid views with me when we met in Moscow in 2009,” he said.

Nemtsov, 55, was a prominent opposition member who was previously considered an economic reformer as governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The opposition has been planning a “Spring” rally on March 1 that aims to draw 100,000 people to the march in Moscow.

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Kremlin Critic Gunned Down in Moscow Ahead of Anti-Putin March

Ferguson MO and Moscow Protestors this time not Russian police human rights violations our American State Dept is fully involved in any investigation into these human rights violations by the Putin regime and Russian Leaders. NOW AGAIN during russian protests a dead man with no Police excessive force for our State Dept to revel in when they as so many other Governmental Foreign Affairs Departments are so busy with their jobs and duties they only get paid by american tax dollars for what they don’t do any humanitarian work for Americans in America so they act as if they know of nothing re: Ferguson MO except Protestors caused a stir last year over what who knows. SO Unfair my tax dollars are supporting this Diplomacy in International Waters while our recession has once immutable 500 corps shutting down for financial restructuring while their salaries are needed before people start dying because the feds are really more broke than broke is.


The Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was gunned down in Moscow around midnight on Friday as he walked within view of the Kremlin walls.

Soon after the gunshots rang out in the heart of the Russian capital, President Vladimir Putin was informed of the murder, which he characterized as a “provocation.” Through his spokesman, Putin told Russian news agencies early on Saturday morning that, “This cruel killing has all the signs of a hired hit and bears the distinctive character of a provocation.”

Though numerous Kremlin critics have been assassinated during Putin’s tenure, none have been as prominent as the 55-year-old Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister in the administration of Putin’s predecessor, Boris Yeltsin. His killing will likely galvanize the opposition movement and once again test the ability and willingness of Russian authorities to investigate acts of violence against Putin’s opponents. Such crimes have tended to go unsolved since…

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Here are links that has real information regarding cell phone unlocking – I don’t believe the Fcc and other .orgs would support unlocking if it was “HACKING” or illegal or would harm a person by releasing more magnetization than ususal.   YES that has really been part of the inuendo campaign Cellular Providers discreetly pushed through search engine websites found no other way except direct address input thats a small novella to type it all.

This makes me believe Unlocking is a major benefit to us customers with Provider problems especially CRAMMING, phishing, coverage vs roaming, data overages for seniors who don’t text, etc.   I have yet to find a provider of phone service that has any sense of common good, customer service, or

Cell Phone Unlocking Provider Agreement 6 principals

Each wireless provider agrees to abide by the following six principles:

    (1) Disclosure. Each carrier will post on its website its clear, concise, and readily accessible policy on postpaid and prepaid mobile wireless device unlocking.
    (2) Postpaid Unlocking Policy. Carriers upon request, will unlock mobile wireless devices or provide the necessary information to unlock their devices for their customers and former customers in good standing and individual owners of eligible devices after the fulfillment of the applicable postpaid service contract, device financing plan, or payment of applicable early termination fee.
    (3) Prepaid Unlocking Policy. Carriers, upon request, will unlock prepaid mobile wireless devices no later than one year after initial activation, consistent with reasonable time, payment or usage requirements.
    (4) Notice. Carriers that lock devices will clearly notify customers that their devices are eligible for unlocking at the time when their devices are eligible for unlocking or automatically unlock devices remotely when devices are eligible for unlocking, without additional fee. Carriers reserve the right to charge non-customers/nonformer-customers with a reasonable fee for unlocking requests. Notice to prepaid customers may occur at point of sale, at the time of eligibility, or through a clear and concise statement of policy on the carrier’s website.
    (5) Response Time. Within two business days after receiving a request, carriers will unlock eligible mobile wireless devices or initiate a request to the OEM to unlock the eligible device, or provide an explanation of why the device does not qualify for unlocking, or why the carrier reasonably needs additional time to process the request.
    (6) Deployed Personnel Unlocking Policy. Carriers will unlock mobile wireless devices for deployed military personnel who are customers in good standing upon provision of deployment papers.

Carriers reserve the right to decline an unlock request if they have a reasonable basis to believe the request is fraudulent or the device is stolen. Carriers further agree to implement three of the standards articulated above within 3 months from February 11, 2014. Carriers further commit to implement the remainder of the principles within 12 months from February 11, 2014.

Consumer Code Participants

The Code’s signatories, listed below, cover almost 97 percent of U.S. wireless subscribers. Additional carriers have indicated they will comply with the voluntary code.

Consumer Code: Questions & Answers

  • What Consumer Issues are Covered in the Consumer Code?
    The Consumer Code focuses on addressing issues of greatest concern to consumers in selecting and managing their wireless service. For example, signatories will adhere to the Code’s 12 points, including commitments to disclose rates, additional taxes, fees, surcharges and terms of service; provide coverage maps; make customer service readily accessible; allow a trial period for new service; provide free usage alerts to avoid unexpected overage charges; and enhance transparency and disclosure of wireless providers’ device unlocking policies.
  • Which Wireless Carriers are Committed to the Consumer Code?
    The Code has been widely supported by many national, regional and rural wireless carriers including AT&T, Bluegrass Cellular, Cellcom, Sprint Corp., T-Mobile USA, U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless. The Code’s signatories cover almost 97 percent of U.S. wireless subscribers. Additional carriers have indicated they will comply with the voluntary code.
  • What Were the 2010 Updates to the Code?
    Some of the changes to the Code include disclosure of data allowances offered in a service plan, whether there are any prohibitions on data service usage and disclosure of whether there are network management practices that will have a material impact on the customer’s wireless data experience. The Code also states that prepaid service providers must disclose the period of time during which any prepaid balance is available for use.
  • Will Each Company Implement All 12 Points?
    Every wireless carrier that signs the voluntary Consumer Code is committing to adhere to all 12 points. Compliance with the Code is reviewed and recertified on an annual basis. Carriers that comply with the Code receive the Seal of Wireless Quality/Consumer Information, which they can display on the company’s website and collateral materials.
  • Why is a ‘Voluntary’ Code Better for Consumers than Government Regulation?
    The Code is designed to give consumers the information they need to make informed decisions regarding their wireless service while still permitting the innovation consumers have come to expect from the wireless industry. Regulations, no matter how well-intentioned, simply cannot be as flexible and responsive to consumer needs as a self-regulatory code.
  • Who Will Enforce the Voluntary Consumer Code?
    Wireless carriers must recertify on an annual basis that they are in compliance with the Code. If a provider is found to be non–compliant, the carrier will not be permitted to display the Seal of Wireless Quality/Consumer Information. One of the benefits of competition is that each carrier’s competitors will be watching other companies’ compliance and will respond accordingly.
  • Is the Industry Adopting this Consumer Code because of Increased Consumer Complaints?
    While the wireless industry has experienced fantastic growth in recent years, per capita wireless com-plaints have fallen. In March 2010, the Better Business Bureau stated that 97 percent of consumer concerns are resolved by the wireless industry. In the FCC’s consumer survey released in June 2010, they found that, “92 percent of cell phone users are very or somewhat satisfied with their cell phone service overall.” Data collected by the FCC shows that the wireless industry receives fewer complaints than many others, including the more regulated wireline industry.
  • Will the Consumer Code Make the Wireless Industry more Competitive?
    The Code was designed to help consumers make informed choices when selecting and managing their wireless services in a competitive market. The wireless industry is by far the most competitive sector of telecommunications.
  • When was the Code Last Updated?
    Originally developed in 2003, CTIA periodically reviews the Code to ensure it reflects the industry’s innovations and consumers’ needs and expectations. Announced in December 2013, the Code was updated to enhance transparency and disclosure of device unlocking policies. The 11th point to the Code was added in October 2011, which called for providers to send postpaid customers with free usage alerts to help them avoid unexpected overage charges. In July 2010, the Code was updated to reflect new and increasingly popular offerings by carriers for consumers.

Kern County Officials and City of Bakersfield Water Ephinany

will this turn out to a full blown water war.  the first but not the last for the state of California.

All over the state shows the possible chaos that could persist if this drought is as mean as they say it is.

Oil and Water Shouldn’t Mix because it is not Natural

Fracking threatens California’s water supplies in two ways. It uses massive amounts of water. In California, where oil and gas producers proudly tout the fact that they use “low water” fracking techniques, an average of 140,000 gallons of water are still required to frack a single well. On average, every Coachella Valley resident uses almost 135,000 gallons of water each year — about the same amount of water it takes to frack one well.

Even if you aren’t troubled by these consumption numbers, fracking also threatens water supplies through its polluting byproducts. Just last month, the state admitted to permitting more than 200 fracking fluid injection wells that put federally-protected aquifers at risk of being permanently contaminated, rendering the water unusable for consumption or even agricultural irrigation.

More than 5 million Californians live within one mile of a gas or oil well. While fracking may not take place in the Coachella Valley at this time, the potential impact of this practice on our state’s water supplies should be of concern to all of us.

A large portion of the Coachella Valley’s residential water supply is imported from other parts of the state. The articles you might read regarding lawsuits over the delta smelt and groundwater management in the Central Valley have much more to do with our local water supplies than many of us may realize. If folks in Bakersfield or Los Angeles find themselves unable to use groundwater polluted by fracking byproducts, they are going to clamor for more of our state’s shared water supply — leaving even less to go around for all of us.

California’s Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), which is charged with tracking fracking activity in the state, has fallen down on the job. The regional administrator for the federal Environmental Protection Agency commented that “there isn’t any system” to DOGGR’s record keeping at this point. If we don’t know what’s going on, it’s difficult to assess the extent of the risk fracking poses.

Until and unless we can fully understand and control the detrimental impacts of fracking on our precious water supply, the state of California should, at a minimum, place a moratorium on well-stimulation activity. We can’t live without water, but we can live without this additional oil and gas.

Jono Hildner is the Political Chair of the San Gorgonio Chapter of the Sierra Club and a member of the Executive Committee of Sierra Club California. He can be reached at

FCC Believes Phone Unlocking is Practiced by all Wireless Providers

Wireless Providers Fulfill Commitment to let Consumers Unlock Mobile Phones

February 11, 2015 – 02:40 PM

One year ago, the FCC announced a voluntary commitment among a number of mobile wireless service providers to adopt policies that allow their customers to switch networks while keeping their existing devices – a process called cell phone unlocking.  That commitment came with a one-year deadline. Today, we are proud to report that the country’s major providers have met their commitment.

Specifically, the principles adopted into the CTIA Consumer Code for Wireless Service include pro-consumer provisions on disclosure, postpaid and prepaid unlocking, notice, customer response time, and unlocking phones for deployed military personnel.  When CTIA adopted these six principles, participating providers committed to a one-year implementation deadline.

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Chewing Tobacco Could Be Banned In California Ballparks

OMG Baseball isn’t baseball without a pitcher and his CHEW.


Two California lawmakers are teaming up to take on a classic trapping of American baseball: chewing tobacco.

At a baseball field near the state capitol, Assemblyman Tony Thurmond introduced first-in-the-nation legislation on Wednesday that would prohibit the use of smokeless tobacco—including electronic cigarettes—wherever organized baseball is being played. San Francisco supervisor Mark Farrell is slated to introduce a similar bill in the coming days, which could put at ban in place at the San Francisco Giants’ stadium even if Thurmond’s measure fails.

If Thurmond’s bill passes, that would mean no more chaw for fans, coaches or players at the state’s five major league stadiums, as well as smaller ballparks.

On Tuesday, the Washington D.C.-based Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids announced their support for legislation that “will send a simple and powerful message to kids as spring training gets underway: baseball and tobacco don’t mix.” Advocates behind the measure are calling it…

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Know Right Now: Netanyahu’s Upcoming Visit Causes Tension Between the U.S. and Israel

Friendships and esp alliances have their moments. This is landmark historic moment because America and Israel have always been in unified agreement as allies. I hope Israel tells us how arrogant we are in international matters and lays us out so we finally know how bad of assholes Americans are portrayed internationally. We stood by Israel all through the Sadat era. Like obsessed groupies. We need to know how we are internationally bullies, assholes, pushy mobsters, anal retentive, foolish or looking fat in this obama dress.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to speak before a joint session of Congress on March 3, but the upcoming speech is already making waves.

Watch the latest #KnowRightNow to catch up on this developing story.

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A Foundation for Literacy Startup that is Trendy

Very interesting story of their humble beginnings and they continue to offer books to the poor, needy and disadvantaged everyday sharing the great adventures any child can have just by reading a book.

Math is so important for figuring how things work and measuring  to say the least.  But the importance of reading books is a must for socialization. Without knowledge of goings on like a frozen Niagara Falls or an Exxon refinery explosion in my hometown of Torrance California 1/4 mile from my Grandparents house is easy to stay informed but it is hard to keep your imagination stimulated throughout your adulthood and as a child your imagination never stops wondering. Without books to read I wouldn’t be as open minded and still imagining all the possibilities this world has to offer us all.

Links to Research Makers Marks

for anyone who researches or seeks info on Grandmas favorite ceramic vase or pot I just found this site today and was really impressed with its layout and resources page to other similar sites like TIKI research, Porcelain, pattern ID A-Z categorized and thought I would share the love.

Trying to find info is so daunting and everyone wants to withhold info from the ordinary person which to me is a huge disregard for future business. I always thought it was a common courtesy to keep a history of your sales for data purposes the common owner of such an heirloom can cherish and be knowledgeable as to its worth outside of sentimental value. No inanimate object crafted for decoration or desire is priceless. Treasure hunting I thought is better left an outdoor sport. and indoor treasures aren’t for hunting because they are held priceless from sentimental value alone.

We cant be living human beings if we don’t have common courtesy that is 1 of our makers mark for our human entitlement

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How Putin Came Out On Top in Ukraine Ceasefire Deal

WHY UKRAINE ALL THIS FOR you to give up more control to Russia. WHY even fight in the first place? Just let Putin take you over like you and American media hint at him wanting. Did you overreact thanks to a border patrol spying on Russian side or what ?


Despite his famous tendency to keep people waiting, Vladimir Putin arrived early on Wednesday at the latest round of negotiations to end the war in eastern Ukraine, and on Thursday he was also the first to emerge when they were over, looking pale and tired but, on the whole, rather satisfied with himself. “It was not the best night of my life,” the Russian president remarked with a smirk when he appeared before the news cameras in the capital of Belarus. “But the morning is good.”

For him it certainly was. Unlike his Ukrainian counterpart in these negotiations, Putin risked little going into these talks and even less coming out of them. The terms of the ceasefire agreement announced on Thursday were vague enough to seem meaningless on many of the key points of contention—even the central question of whether Russian troops are fighting in Ukraine or not was left…

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Supreme Court Justice Says Americans Ready to Accept Gay Marriage

ACCEPTANCE and TOLERANCE are two opposite ANIMALS of EVIL INDIFFERENCE. So you choose for us show us your willing to work for all that supreme tax payers dollars money you people make and quit ASSUMING I’m so willing to bite my tongue on this one.


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesn’t think there were would be widespread backlash if the high court decides to legalize same-sex marriage across the country this year.

“I think it’s doubtful that it wouldn’t be accepted,” Ginsburg said in an interivew with Bloomberg. “The change in people’s attitudes on that issue has been enormous.”

About 72% of Americans live in the 37 states and Washington, D.C. where gay and lesbian couples are free to marry, and soon the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments that will decide whether that freedom carries over to the rest of the U.S.

“I think that as more and more people came out and said ‘this is who I am’ the rest of us recognized that they are one of us,” Ginsburg said.”We discovered it’s our next-door-neighbor; we’re very fond of them. Or it’s our child’s best friend or even our child.”


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Disneyland Asked California to Say Park Was Safe During Measles Outbreak, Report Says

What shape is our state of affairs in and the state of the whole world when even Disney is using its money and thus muscle to act like pedophiles. Filthy is the places our children should be reveling in like we used to do. This is what happens when they murder the owner who really wasn’t a kid kinda guy but a businessman who happened to end up in the business of family and childrens dreams coming true instead of the business of Playboy or Penthouse. OH WALT DISNEY I WISH YOU WERE STILL HERE . This nonsense would never happen if you were. What kind of Grandson are you Placing in your special chair. He’s kinda Pedophileing it a bit WALT ??. Better get down here soon or Disney will be a forgotten memory with nothing for families anymore; that is not commercialized or too full of perverts. First Christmas and Santa not the News of December but Shopping and Retail Sales during this winter holiday & a million Santas bumming it for Charitable donations. Who hates human families so much they’ve attacked our core values and standards? like Disney the Pedophile purposely spreads measles while bribing California leaders to keep it hush hush.


Disneyland asked California officials to reassure the public that the amusement park was safe to attend amid the measles outbreak that started there in December, according to a new report.

The Associated Press, citing documents obtained, reports that Disneyland officials sent a series of emails to the California Department of Health and the Orange County Health Care Agency, asking the agencies to make it clear to the public that the park was not responsible for the outbreak, and that vaccinated people could still visit. Six Disneyland employees were among 70 people in California infected during an outbreak that has passed 100 cases in the U.S.

A Disneyland spokeswoman told the AP the park was in contact with health officials “in order to ensure that factual and accurate information flowed both ways to avoid confusion and properly inform the public.”

Read more at the Associated Press

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London Firefighters: Please Don’t Get Stuck in Handcuffs After Seeing Fifty Shades of Grey

It is nice to have actual commentary from Firemen what a rare opportunity to make me want to go to movies tonight.


On Thursday, the London Fire Brigade warned lovers who are inspired to use handcuffs after seeing Fifty Shades of Grey to keep the key within reach so firefighters can spend time attending to actual emergencies.

The department published a similar alert in summer 2013, arguing that it has seen an increase in the number of these incidents since E.L. James’s best-selling erotic trilogy became popular. “In 2013-14, firefighters attended 472 incidents involving people being trapped or stuck, often in everyday household items,” according to a release.

The authorities release cheeky alerts about the most bizarre 999 calls, from the man who got his “manhood” stuck in a toaster to the man who had “fallen behind a toilet and become trapped.”

Read next: The Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Won’t Arouse You Like the Book Did, According to Science

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This Town Had to Put Up Signs Warning People About its Angry Owl

This could happen to me I have 3 owls nesting in my trees outside with 2 boys and a baby nephew. They’re great to have around but they are still wild birds and meat eaters. Who pissed this one off or shes an overprotective new Mother?


What started as a joke on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show has now become a reality for Oregon’s capital city.

The show’s host, Rachel Maddow, has been paying a lot of attention to some wacky news coming out of Oregon lately. The news item that’s got the state paying attention to Maddow, though, involves one really angry owl.

After four runners were attacked by an owl in Salem, one of whom was clawed so badly he thought he was having an aneurysm, Maddow suggested the town post a yellow hazard sign warning about the bird. But not just any sign: She wanted one depicting a figure running from a menacing owl on the attack.

So, the town obliged. According to the Associated Press, about 20 such signs—inspired by Maddow— will be put up in the city where the owl has been wreaking havoc. This gives “service journalism” a whole…

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GSA Automotive – Urgent Recall Message

Toyo Tires Safety Recall

Dear Agency Fleet Manager,

We are writing to inform you that we’ve learned of a tire recall which may affect vehicles in your leased and/or Agency-owned fleet.  The recall is for a series of Toyo brand off-road light truck tires and the details are contained in the attachments to this e-mail.  

Per the information contained in these attachments it appears that affected tires go back as far as October, 2008. 

We urge you to read the attachments and to verify that your light trucks (whether leased or owned) are not impacted by this tire recall.  This is a safety related action and we would request expeditious action.  The recall period expires on March 1, 2015, but the OEM, Toyo Tires, has indicated that they have replacement tires available immediately.

Thank you

If you have any questions or require assistance, call GSA Automotive’s Customer CARE number at (703) 605-CARS (2277) or e-mail at

Update your subscriptions, modify your password or e-mail address, or stop subscriptions at any time on your Subscriber Preferences Page. You will need to use your e-mail address to log in. If you have questions or problems with the subscription service, please contact

This email was sent to using GovDelivery, on behalf of: GSA Automotive · 1800 F Street, NW, 3rd Floor · Washington, DC 20406 · (703) 605-2277
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2011 Russian Protestors vs 2014 Ferguson Protestors What is the difference

2011 Russian Protestors vs 2014 Ferguson Protestors What is the difference?

Our State Department says Russian Police committed Human Rights Violations.

Where were these state department officials when Ferguson erupted with police brutality against the black protestors?

Maybe Russians don’t do Police Brutality according to State Department Standards.

Okay Russian PD you must get the State Department to Deny it ever happened in the first place.