This Town Had to Put Up Signs Warning People About its Angry Owl

This could happen to me I have 3 owls nesting in my trees outside with 2 boys and a baby nephew. They’re great to have around but they are still wild birds and meat eaters. Who pissed this one off or shes an overprotective new Mother?


What started as a joke on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show has now become a reality for Oregon’s capital city.

The show’s host, Rachel Maddow, has been paying a lot of attention to some wacky news coming out of Oregon lately. The news item that’s got the state paying attention to Maddow, though, involves one really angry owl.

After four runners were attacked by an owl in Salem, one of whom was clawed so badly he thought he was having an aneurysm, Maddow suggested the town post a yellow hazard sign warning about the bird. But not just any sign: She wanted one depicting a figure running from a menacing owl on the attack.

So, the town obliged. According to the Associated Press, about 20 such signs—inspired by Maddow— will be put up in the city where the owl has been wreaking havoc. This gives “service journalism” a whole…

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