Links to Research Makers Marks

for anyone who researches or seeks info on Grandmas favorite ceramic vase or pot I just found this site today and was really impressed with its layout and resources page to other similar sites like TIKI research, Porcelain, pattern ID A-Z categorized and thought I would share the love.

Trying to find info is so daunting and everyone wants to withhold info from the ordinary person which to me is a huge disregard for future business. I always thought it was a common courtesy to keep a history of your sales for data purposes the common owner of such an heirloom can cherish and be knowledgeable as to its worth outside of sentimental value. No inanimate object crafted for decoration or desire is priceless. Treasure hunting I thought is better left an outdoor sport. and indoor treasures aren’t for hunting because they are held priceless from sentimental value alone.

We cant be living human beings if we don’t have common courtesy that is 1 of our makers mark for our human entitlement