FCC Believes Phone Unlocking is Practiced by all Wireless Providers

Wireless Providers Fulfill Commitment to let Consumers Unlock Mobile Phones

February 11, 2015 – 02:40 PM

One year ago, the FCC announced a voluntary commitment among a number of mobile wireless service providers to adopt policies that allow their customers to switch networks while keeping their existing devices – a process called cell phone unlocking.  That commitment came with a one-year deadline. Today, we are proud to report that the country’s major providers have met their commitment.

Specifically, the principles adopted into the CTIA Consumer Code for Wireless Service include pro-consumer provisions on disclosure, postpaid and prepaid unlocking, notice, customer response time, and unlocking phones for deployed military personnel.  When CTIA adopted these six principles, participating providers committed to a one-year implementation deadline.

Astringent regulations and rules apply to most Wireless Providers Unlocking Phones and about the only way to get them to comply is armed with FCC as a threat then they still have all these “Warnings” about hacking, virus’s, and even privacy issues as well as if your phone is stolen they might not be able to track it for you.  Basically AT&T (my personal experience re: this issue) did everything including some very subtle tactics of intimidation and technology threats about cutting my services which were already “basic”  I asked if they are so basic how come my bill is 200.00 per month for 2 lines a shared data and there is nothing except if I price compared another similar bill I bet they are price gouging me. and Data services gouging me.

Other wireless providers claim their phones are unlocked and there is nothing more I need to do.  blah blah Techno blah blah.

GOOD LUCK FCC but please get your head out of their asses while they are so busy streamlining brown nosing the FCC who obviously like it this way.