Kremlin Critic Gunned Down in Moscow Ahead of Anti-Putin March

Ferguson MO and Moscow Protestors this time not Russian police human rights violations our American State Dept is fully involved in any investigation into these human rights violations by the Putin regime and Russian Leaders. NOW AGAIN during russian protests a dead man with no Police excessive force for our State Dept to revel in when they as so many other Governmental Foreign Affairs Departments are so busy with their jobs and duties they only get paid by american tax dollars for what they don’t do any humanitarian work for Americans in America so they act as if they know of nothing re: Ferguson MO except Protestors caused a stir last year over what who knows. SO Unfair my tax dollars are supporting this Diplomacy in International Waters while our recession has once immutable 500 corps shutting down for financial restructuring while their salaries are needed before people start dying because the feds are really more broke than broke is.


The Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was gunned down in Moscow around midnight on Friday as he walked within view of the Kremlin walls.

Soon after the gunshots rang out in the heart of the Russian capital, President Vladimir Putin was informed of the murder, which he characterized as a “provocation.” Through his spokesman, Putin told Russian news agencies early on Saturday morning that, “This cruel killing has all the signs of a hired hit and bears the distinctive character of a provocation.”

Though numerous Kremlin critics have been assassinated during Putin’s tenure, none have been as prominent as the 55-year-old Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister in the administration of Putin’s predecessor, Boris Yeltsin. His killing will likely galvanize the opposition movement and once again test the ability and willingness of Russian authorities to investigate acts of violence against Putin’s opponents. Such crimes have tended to go unsolved since…

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