How To Hummingbird Nectar

Spring is in the Mojave Desert!

I had a humming bird doing kamakaze dive bombing towards my head.  I better find a DIY mixture of nectar to fill up its feeder.

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Who are the biggest consumers of online porn? – The Next Web

This is a very interesting and informative study they did re: The Adult Entertainment Industry – Online. Just Admit it this industry is too valuable a tax payer to go away anytime soon. Everybody has sex 1 way or another.

Who are the biggest consumers of online porn? – The Next Web


Antique Bottle Subscriptions and Links

Anyone Interested in Antique bottles might enjoy these links for magazines, sites, subscriptions, and more for the avid collector.  I love the online bottle industry it is very informative, doesn’t try to sell bottle prices, or identifications, to a rookie with an “Old Bottle from Grandma”. They let you learn yourself through their own collecting and bottle experiences     ENJOY




Nova in Sagittarius Brighter Than Ever – Catch it with the Naked Eye!

Nova Sagittarii 2015 No. 2 in the Sagittarius “Teapot”was easily visible with the naked eye at magnitude +4.4 when this photo was taken this morning March 21. The nova has been steadily brightening since its discovery less than a week ago. Credit:…

Attention all Sagittarius’s Not only are we a constellation closest a Supermassive Black Hole but we are now the zodiac sign with a NOVA within its constellation. We are truly a “FIRE” Element

Nova in Sagittarius Brighter Than Ever – Catch it with the Naked Eye!

Beautiful Re-Loved Window

These are some of the the most inspiring finds when rummaging around. One of a kind and a treasure because they are so hard to find these days. This is a perfect example of how sad it can be to see us moving so fast. We sacrifice pieces like this to move mindlessly ahead, or to keep up with our own Industriousness.
A picture really worth a thousand words.
I love the pink trim – I have one with this military lime green color.
What a pair they would make together as is.

Reclaimed Relics and Antiques

Another rescued and re-loved window. I can’t get enough of beautiful architectural pieces like this!

Reloved window

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2014’s Top Collectibles

Wow We are an Inevitable Generation every year the top 5-10-100 things we do, collect, buy or search for goes in an ambiguitous direction from the year or 2 years prior. Where as 10 years ago something had us hung up on the SameOl S*** year after year with few changes So I thought we were a Weird Introverted Melodramatic generation that did nothing for ourselves but to appease the society “Norms” who were afraid to shake things up a bit.
Now I am proud to be a Generation X’er who can’t keep up with everybody Re-Inventing themselves year after year.
I better go dye my hair right now so I can fool myself into thinking I am keeping up with my generation.

Reclaimed Relics and Antiques

I recently read in Country Living magazine that the top 5 collectibles to look for this year are red lanterns, turned wood candlesticks, scales, miniature books and old military and sports medals(click here for link). I always pick up old books when I find them. I have some of them displayed along with my old wind-up clocks. My oldest book is dated 1835!

Books, Clock

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Feds Clear Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson of Civil Rights Violations

Humanity’s Courage will carry onward as always. When silenced we are deadly. Let us hope this opens the door for the big guns to rain down on their Civic duties parade with a vengeance like no other. The KKK cannot continue to rule once they are exposed they scatter like prey running and hiding in their black neighbors yard. and this is okay with them. If that family wasn’t there Vengeance would have taken their asses back then. But they were there and today they are too thankless and in denial of the only excuse they still walk the earth because a black family didn’t want violence on their property with their kids home. This is not the type of vengeance you want to ignore. dirty dirty dirtyest.


The Department of Justice has cleared Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., of committing civil rights violations in the August confrontation that sparked sometimes violent local and national protests.

A separate report from the Justice Department did find, however, that the Ferguson Police Department was in frequent violation of several provisions of the Constitution.

The report, one of two released on Wednesday, broadly corroborates Wilson’s account of what happened in the St. Louis suburb on Aug.9. The officer said he spotted Brown and a friend walking in the middle of the street. Wilson told prosecutors and investigators he suspected the pair in the theft of cigarillos from a nearby convenience store, and called for backup before pulling to a stop near them.

The officer and some witnesses said Brown reached into Wilson’s police car to punch and grab him. Even…

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