2014’s Top Collectibles

Wow We are an Inevitable Generation every year the top 5-10-100 things we do, collect, buy or search for goes in an ambiguitous direction from the year or 2 years prior. Where as 10 years ago something had us hung up on the SameOl S*** year after year with few changes So I thought we were a Weird Introverted Melodramatic generation that did nothing for ourselves but to appease the society “Norms” who were afraid to shake things up a bit.
Now I am proud to be a Generation X’er who can’t keep up with everybody Re-Inventing themselves year after year.
I better go dye my hair right now so I can fool myself into thinking I am keeping up with my generation.

Reclaimed Relics and Antiques

I recently read in Country Living magazine that the top 5 collectibles to look for this year are red lanterns, turned wood candlesticks, scales, miniature books and old military and sports medals(click here for link). I always pick up old books when I find them. I have some of them displayed along with my old wind-up clocks. My oldest book is dated 1835!

Books, Clock

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