4 Photos From Santa Clara Appraised by Antiques Roadshow

A stash of 4 1936-1939 Edward Weston Photos found in Santa Clara California appraised for 180,000,00-200thousand dollars on Antique Roadshow.  Who wouldn’t love to find such a treasure in an unlikely place.



143.6 Million at the Box Office This Weekend- Fast n Furious 7

If this doesn’t make the Fast and the Furious Players happy. I cannot imagine what could. Paul Walker deserves to be here with them because this is the biggest box office success for the Furious genre which seems to be taking on a life of its own now.

Just a few years ago this was considered some kind of “B” race car movie and the only real race car movie with any success was Talladega Nights of the comedy genre.

I guess Vin Diesel’s character “Dom” finally wore everyone down as he kept coming back at us until we had no choice but to admire or envy his style while the women have slowly but continually fallen for this rebellious “Tough Guy Hero” including me.

Here is the link to the full rags to riches story.


I am sure the comic book style TV advertising did nothing to hurt this weekends success. It caught everyone in my households attention. Even my kids liked it.