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I cannot believe nobody my little sisters age know who Johnny Unitas is, nor do they know who Bruce Jenner is.  These are big sports fans maybe 10 years younger than me.  DSCF1385

And then to go from bad to worse they thought this guy was wearing an UMPIRES mask.  NO a honest to goodness FOOTBALL HELMET.  But his face is exposed.  What you don’t think a football player can handle a black eye.  Look at his nose and tell me he hasn’t broke his nose a time or two.  They asked me how many football players died of their injuries back then?  Back then was only 10 years before you were born. And they still don’t believe me and insist this guy was way back in the beginning of football like back in the 30’s.  Oh! So I am suppose to know him?  & not you? only 10 years younger than me. 

You don’t even want to hear us discuss Bruce Jenner.  I just settled for him being on the “Wheaties” box more than any other celebrity except for “Life” cereal and Mickey, maybe.  They couldn’t believe that was what sold boxes of cereal back then. 

Here we go with “way back then”,” Again.  

It sucks getting old.