Media Bias maybe lost to us soon?

The bias of our news media is so awful everyone seems to be doing it.

Did Governor Brown happen to notice this as well.  It would be nice as it is nice to believe so.


California Governor media credentialing


California Political Nuances of back in 06 days

I actually support Gov. Jerry Brown of California he epitomizes the old school Democrat who is ashamed by the bureaucrats, messy financials,  subsidies, overcrowding, gridlock, These are personal demons to him  just as I would perspectivly think. Gray Davis with his political rights to embezzle,  and launder taxpayers monetary payments away.. Fuck you coward go rob a bank like the rest of us have to.  ASSHOLE

Gray Davis was one hell of fast talking shitty person.good riddance jack ass if in 06 we knew a drought was coming?

while he was robbing our tills daily for personal gains. Where would we be as Californian’s today?  Drought Tolerant?  We would be moving because Marshall law was implemented in a broke state of earthquakes, dying everywhere, & water drying up.

A small reprieve is a whole different drought induced future for Californian’s.  We are still here tolerating the heatwave of hell and dried up water holes and cracked landscapes. We will overcome most of us.

Prison overpopulation since 06 links to pg.

media bias left us in the dark again about this lethal issue.Not a hot News worthy enough Prison story to tell.

California’s state of Prison Overpopulation. More criminals is more criminals. jail doesn’t censor their being counted as a person in a census.Why are there more criminals on our streets than homeowners in general populations all over the state?????

Virgin Galactic Crash back in October still under Investigation in the Mojave Desert

An investigation into the crash, which scattered debris across the Mojave Desert (above), is still ongoing

This photo is less than 2 miles away from my home in the Mojave Desert occuring about less than an hour after my boys embarked on their day at school as I took them to the bus and headed home it wasn’t until 10 am I knew anything was wrong overhead.

They were travelling at the speed of sound yet I never heard a sonic boom only an explosion that came straight down from the sky but never shook the ground or rattled the windows (like sonic booms do). within seconds an echo of 3 quiet rattling noises then the echo of the 1st louder explosion  sound seemed to hover at the ground level then 3 loud “pops” like 1/2 of a firecracker noise seemed to bounce off the ground. I was already heading to the front door where i witnessed nothing but heard a rumbling then like a jet engine behind me coming from the mountains as I headed to higher ground the low droning or whining of a far off engine revved way high could be heard never saw anything but thought I saw 3 parachutes way off of course from the parachute school at the Cal city airport some 12 miles south of me.

because the sun was in my eyes I now assume I was looking into the glare of the morning sun so squinting caused me to see 3 not just 1 parachute.

2-4 minutes passed parachutes disappeared from the sky after i turned to scan the sky above me all around.  when i walked back into the house 2 snapping noises occurred.  the second bounced off and snapped again but barely audible & echoed 1 time louder then the last. travelling in a south westerly direction. away from me.

Then 3 thump, thud, poof noises. This crackling took over and as it got louder and louder but didn’t seem to be travelling my thoughts imagined this crackling was from a radio.

the sky above has been weird ever since. alot of dead still silences, less static in the air, and the sonic booms that are at least weekly occurences seem to travel less and are quicker and more concise sounding. In other words there is less rattling and shaking and more boom sounding now.

Besides that our wind storms have gone away after the last major one a few days after the crash. It is alot quieter and calmer in the air around us as if a vortex existed from other flight testing like breaking the speed of sound record over the Mojave Desert back in the 60-70’s.

I don’t wonder if some kind of ‘worm hole’ or vortex didn’t get unseemingly opened up and is now somehow shut again from the speed of sound flight over the desert so many years ago to  October 31, 2014 when Space Ship one exploded and broke apart 50,000

It is actually still again and so quiet you can hear people talking miles away it seems like.

Only 1 month left until new baby

My little sister is about to give birth to her 3rd child a baby girl the 30 day countdown is on.
My sister is 34 under 5ft tall and barely weighs in at 100 lbs not pregnant. at 8 months pregnant she is 142 lbs, and cant see her feet.
when I first glanced at her today I couldn’t believe how much she has dropped in just 1 day. Lucky for me she lives a block from me so we see each other almost daily. We are as prepared as possible for her to go into labor. She is due end of this month.