California Political Nuances of back in 06 days

I actually support Gov. Jerry Brown of California he epitomizes the old school Democrat who is ashamed by the bureaucrats, messy financials,  subsidies, overcrowding, gridlock, These are personal demons to him  just as I would perspectivly think. Gray Davis with his political rights to embezzle,  and launder taxpayers monetary payments away.. Fuck you coward go rob a bank like the rest of us have to.  ASSHOLE

Gray Davis was one hell of fast talking shitty person.good riddance jack ass if in 06 we knew a drought was coming?

while he was robbing our tills daily for personal gains. Where would we be as Californian’s today?  Drought Tolerant?  We would be moving because Marshall law was implemented in a broke state of earthquakes, dying everywhere, & water drying up.

A small reprieve is a whole different drought induced future for Californian’s.  We are still here tolerating the heatwave of hell and dried up water holes and cracked landscapes. We will overcome most of us.

Prison overpopulation since 06 links to pg.

media bias left us in the dark again about this lethal issue.Not a hot News worthy enough Prison story to tell.

California’s state of Prison Overpopulation. More criminals is more criminals. jail doesn’t censor their being counted as a person in a census.Why are there more criminals on our streets than homeowners in general populations all over the state?????