18 day Manhunt in Mojave Desert Ends with Suspect Dead

Kern County Sheriff Officials have finally tracked down an armed and dangerous suspect wanted in the home invasion, hostage style execution of a retired Dentist from Tehachapi.

This just another case of drifters, criminals, thugs, and other citizens of America blatantly disrespecting peoples personal and real property rights. How else does trespassing turn into a home invasion robbery with the property owner tied up and murdered in cold blood?

If they continue to attempt prohibition of our right to be armed then we are going to be screwed as more of these trespasses turn violent and deadly. The only people armed will be the police and the criminals. We property owners who also have guns for protection of our self, family and property are trying to avoid an incident just like this from happening.

  They would think twice about home invasion robbery if there is a slight chance of a homeowner carrying a gun.

Why the hell you think robbers do their crimes at night when everyone is sleeping.? Some during the day when they know no one is home? They don’t want to get shot and killed they want an opportunity to get away unharmed.

Killing an unarmed retired dentist is how you get away.If he maybe armed they would have tied him to an immovable chair or recliner in a sitting position. At least sitting up your a human being. Lying on the floor with hands behind your back is an easier bullet to the back of the owners head. A dog out of his misery. sitting up, you stand a better chance of being treated like a human being with humanity calling to the conscience of the invaders. on the floor your nobody special.

Without a gun you are no match or challenge to an invading criminal. Respect the 4th amendment and we owners or real property can then respect you. Until then chaos rules the whole world waiting for panic to set in.

As a gun owner you know panic is your worse enemy and kills more people in a disaster, catastrophe, and emergency rioting always turns to panic when the real danger is realized now you have people being trampled under foot. People dead because the fell at the wrong time and noone to arrest for an obvious murder that shouldn’t happen, but did.


link to manhunt story by Kern County Sheriffs: Kern County Manhunt finally over after 18 days http://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/810da28a3bd1b19d7fc0cd2f313008cf3ab20a65/c=36-0-2164-1600&r=x404&c=534×401/local/-/media/2015/08/16/USATODAY/USATODAY/635752875384378744-AP-California-Manhunt.jpg