Social Questions

Is there anything out there anymore

that is still SUBTLE & Discreet without

being bad for us? or worse,  a crime?

Condoms is not the goto answer either because how subtle are condoms really?  Not at all when you really think about them and their usefulness.



Nothing too special a normal desert dusty day. Hotter than usual for a February but Drought, Desert, South Eastern California, and Water drying up has a tendency to find obedience in a place next door to hell itself. The hottest place in the world, Death Valley the only place in California not too concerned about its home states water woes. The hottest place in the world for how many 100’s of years now?

Mojave Desert!  The desert that even the mighty Colorado River ends it almighty flow & it just kinda stops. Therethe mighty river flows, then all of a sudden where did the Colorado go?  its gone because it ended back there?  I wish I was as smart as that river. Instead I just kept going further into this old desert.

People who live in the desert do so mostly to be left in peace, alone, prefer to go solo. But we also don’t like Liars, Thieves or Debauchery either.  In a place where survival is more than just instinctual mythology we cannot be bothered with bullshit, or around Liars, & thieves they never last too long here anyway. But to us it is always fun to help them find their way out of here one way or another. Who wants to go down into their misery? Nobody is really that sociable and so they languish on and on about themselves as always. then wonder how you can spot them a mile away.  They talk of life in a penthouse someday. Like that is going to happen

Eventually you still have to walk all the way home from the penthouse. A place where you look cool but fake, & temporarily well adjusted or so it seems……

Who Exactly is NATO as US tax dollars pour into them?

NATO is an International organization lead by United States that forms a delegation of “Members Only” countries who police the world against Communist oppression and threats to democratic paths of small countries. With a membership to join that is by “invitation only” and unanimous vote of all its Members new countries can join.  

Isn’t this a “Country Club” Members only or a “Sororities” Members Only principal.  Couldn’t they at least attempt to not commit idolatry against our College Students and their Rich “Country Club Parents.

Idoltary against Stereotyping Students in college.  Where hasn’t the world and our country gone to shit eating a shit sandwich in a hand basket.  Satan, The Devil, Lucifer hard at work to demonize the world for their own ends. Where does the sins end and sins begin “EVE” better go ask ADAM!

College Sororities’ have my vote.  At least the members all have to learn to live with each other in close quarters.  And be respectful of their competitor sorority, and not be spoiled sports, or bad winners, and when partying “Keep the Peace” or cops will come.

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Sim Cards technology stolen by US & UK security forces

Feb 2015

Tom Snowden associated with the NSA of America (how embarrassing)& governmental Sociopaths stealing Encryption Keys of SIM card technologies to hack more into our private lives and everyday conversations. They act like it is just a theory.

The biggest problem here is this:  Why do we Americans go onto foreign lands and forget our American Values. Like 1st amendment, 4th amendment, 5th amendment, We owe these to our fellow earthlings so they can truly witness the glory and morality of our democratic society.  Instead we break every law abiding Americans democratic rights.

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Carson declares war on the press | TheHill

“They were supposed to expose and inform the people in a nonpartisan way,” he lamented.

Source: Carson declares war on the press | TheHill

“Everything needs to be looked at in context, and when news media picks one word or one phrase and they run with it and try to characterize people like that, I gotta tell you guys, that’s why people don’t trust you anymore,” he said. “I mean you’re down there with used car salesmen.”



someone who actually admits there is a venemous media bias in our news reporting and integrity is again pushed aside for a cheap thrill. One we don’t care for or want we want integrity put back where it should stay forever or nuke the news and start over from scratch. There is too much not reported on it is obvious they are picking and chosing what is best for their ratings, job security and wallets not what the citizens of America need to hear.

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DWP – SIP Cumulative Capacity (kW) (Quarterly FY) | Los Angeles – Open Data Portal

This dataset contains metrics that measure the operational performance of the Department of Water and Power. These metrics are used on a regular basis by the department and the Mayor to evaluate progress and inform decision making. Performance management forms the foundation of a data-driven culture of innovation and excellence in the City of Los Angeles.

Source: DWP – SIP Cumulative Capacity (kW) (Quarterly FY) | Los Angeles – Open Data Portal


I shall also share a link about Obama’s plans to go to nuclear war with Russia right before the Ukraine crisis.




In a press conference at the Valdai Discussion Club 2014 in answer to a question to a United States Journalist, President Vladimir Putin addressed his concerns regarding the US and their role in the middle east and ISIS. Although the film footage of the press conference has been banned, Live leaks released a copy of the press conference to the public. The words of Putin are transcribed below word for word from the video originally provided by  Inessa S.

The press and mainstream news has been avoiding this information. It is a scathing , diplomatic account of Russia’s position on the politic behavior and actions in the middle east regarding Syria and ISIS, as well as a reprimand to our press who have failed to do their job.

Putin’s complete oration to the US Journalists:

First point. I never said that I view the US as a threat to our…

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