Sim Cards technology stolen by US & UK security forces

Feb 2015

Tom Snowden associated with the NSA of America (how embarrassing)& governmental Sociopaths stealing Encryption Keys of SIM card technologies to hack more into our private lives and everyday conversations. They act like it is just a theory.

The biggest problem here is this:  Why do we Americans go onto foreign lands and forget our American Values. Like 1st amendment, 4th amendment, 5th amendment, We owe these to our fellow earthlings so they can truly witness the glory and morality of our democratic society.  Instead we break every law abiding Americans democratic rights.

Osama bin Laden:  Hunted down and killed by US military forces.  On information gathered from some undisclosed and top secret, classified intelligence we probably paid for.   what happened to?

  1. Innocent until proven guilty
  2. Right to a Fair and Speedy trial
  3. by a jury of your peers
  4. right to an attorney if you cannot afford an attorney
  5. one will be provided for you
  6. right to an appeal and to plea bargain
  7. revealing of investigators “Source”  ie: deepthroat, watergate,
  8. without this we have a history of conspiracies committed that are actual events that have occurred but the government just throws its weight around like a big bully.

4th Amendment

  1. You are protected from unusual search and seizure without a warrant stating: the reason for the search and the location to be searched.

1st Amendment

  1. Freedom of speech, freedom of protest, and freedom of the press

Where is his freedom of the press while our media ripped and tore him into a bigger badder monster than Hitler himself.

Where were our rights of protest we couldn’t stop this maddness, our military, our DEA, our international travellers, our own Presidential powers of SANCTIONING has turned us into the biggest HYPOCRITES and INFADELS who are inticed by violence and murder of whom most moslems believed was innocent.

An international lynch mob what a laughing stalk we have become. Maybe we deserve to be terrorized repeatedly.