Who Exactly is NATO as US tax dollars pour into them?

NATO is an International organization lead by United States that forms a delegation of “Members Only” countries who police the world against Communist oppression and threats to democratic paths of small countries. With a membership to join that is by “invitation only” and unanimous vote of all its Members new countries can join.  

Isn’t this a “Country Club” Members only or a “Sororities” Members Only principal.  Couldn’t they at least attempt to not commit idolatry against our College Students and their Rich “Country Club Parents.

Idoltary against Stereotyping Students in college.  Where hasn’t the world and our country gone to shit eating a shit sandwich in a hand basket.  Satan, The Devil, Lucifer hard at work to demonize the world for their own ends. Where does the sins end and sins begin “EVE” better go ask ADAM!

College Sororities’ have my vote.  At least the members all have to learn to live with each other in close quarters.  And be respectful of their competitor sorority, and not be spoiled sports, or bad winners, and when partying “Keep the Peace” or cops will come.

So this NATO is cooler than a College Sorority?  Why? Because there are top secret documents written about them while our tax money is poured into them. As well as a requirement from every other member that 2% of their Domestic Product Money should be set aside to meet their Nato membership monetary requirements! 

Skull & Bones & Bare Bones Society Suck all this up you old saps.

NATO knows which countries would never be Sanctioned by the United States. Is not sanctions a form of Segregation (which is evil) and against the very moral and ethical fabric of our Democratic patriotism.  You cant be a Segregator and Patriot at the same time.

Sanctioning isn’t cruel & unusual punishment.

According to our Capitalistic Democratic Society. Of Supply and demand. Without our capitalism, free market, tax dollars alot less for old NATO.  Do our tax dollars + the 2% requirement of our Gross National Product basically suffer NATO a free ticket, free meals, not to mention the free room and board every member of NATO is required to keep near Airfields for NATO Representatives.

Illuminati eat your heart out.


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