Nothing too special a normal desert dusty day. Hotter than usual for a February but Drought, Desert, South Eastern California, and Water drying up has a tendency to find obedience in a place next door to hell itself. The hottest place in the world, Death Valley the only place in California not too concerned about its home states water woes. The hottest place in the world for how many 100’s of years now?

Mojave Desert!  The desert that even the mighty Colorado River ends it almighty flow & it just kinda stops. Therethe mighty river flows, then all of a sudden where did the Colorado go?  its gone because it ended back there?  I wish I was as smart as that river. Instead I just kept going further into this old desert.

People who live in the desert do so mostly to be left in peace, alone, prefer to go solo. But we also don’t like Liars, Thieves or Debauchery either.  In a place where survival is more than just instinctual mythology we cannot be bothered with bullshit, or around Liars, & thieves they never last too long here anyway. But to us it is always fun to help them find their way out of here one way or another. Who wants to go down into their misery? Nobody is really that sociable and so they languish on and on about themselves as always. then wonder how you can spot them a mile away.  They talk of life in a penthouse someday. Like that is going to happen

Eventually you still have to walk all the way home from the penthouse. A place where you look cool but fake, & temporarily well adjusted or so it seems……