Pre Seasons Greetings Prayerful Miracles Blessings

The turkey is now leftovers. Black Friday is gone without a hitch. Cyber Monday the patient shoppers found just as good deals without camping out in a cold parking lot over night.

Now the real fun begins for the really big families  a Mom with 4 boys that love to believe in Santa as much as he doesn’t forget about them as they get older. Thank God I already have my greatest Christmas Gift. A hard working Husband to share the bills, cooking, holiday shopping, and presents with every tree filled Christmas morning.

Without such an A classic man who is a Plumber that never takes 38.00 an hour from anyone even though he is well worth every cent because hes been doing it since he was 13 with his Dad & we are in out late 50’s with boys barely in double digits 1 at 13 pre teen.

Christmas would be nothing without this wonderful father of my male children.  Santa has become too expensive for even some families to afford his myth and legend to be shared as a family.

How far will prices go up before they realize the only ones suffering are the ones doing already more than their fair share of sacrifice, work, bill paying,  and parenting & you still ask more from us at the places we shop for provisions for our families well being and sustenance.

May God be Kind and Benevolent to all those single parents out there who cant afford to be filling Christmas with Santa.  May they find Peace and comfort and well being through the holidays once more while still having a miracle upon them for GOD to fulfill someday just like the rest of us who haven’t used any of ours . I wish you equality the same as my miracle I am lucky to not need it fulfilled yet.


I love you but I am eternally grateful to my children’s Father for being a Plumber and Provider for me and a good Father to our children.

We make a good family because we are grateful to hold such a huge responsibility that is virtually extinct these days. A 2 parent household.

May everybody feel as blessed as me through this holiday season so we may be grateful for another year we are alive to see here.