What if we lost our 2nd Amendment?

The most controversial of all our liberties.

Back in the the roaring 20’s you could own a gun but it was a crime to drink beer.

Imagine if prohibition came to our neighborhoods in the form of our right to bear arms?  Would we revolt? become civil rights activists?

More young black adults are killed by police excessive force in the 20th century after the 90’s saw all kinds of new technology for police to arm themselves with equipment that would allow them to subdue a criminal without lethal force – Firing their guns.

They were also armed with bullet proof vests.  What sort of Hypocrisy is this? I am so outraged at all the murder by our local law enforcement protected under the power of our Justice system. Maybe if we take away all the vests, tasers, bean bags, air guns, batons and leave them feeling naked again like in the 80’s the hypocrites will quit their jobs. I have never seen a hypocrite naked. No longer will they feel invincible to any and all injustices especially their own.

They can keep their guns for their own protection against the bad guys. And once again they will be more like us average citizens. No non lethal submissiveness and bullet proof delusions of grandeur.

How else do they think they will earn the peoples respect once again. Against all odds

The 20th century where priests are the pedophiles and cops are the murderers.

What could possibly go wrong next?     Wait and see….  The media will be sure to

over report whatever it is.