Memories of Childhood and the Funhouse of Mirrors

Look at the face my youngest son Decklen is making in the house of mirrors Desert Tortoise Days 2014

Had I video taped this funhouse experience it becomes self explanatory.

Remember the house of mirrors as a kid, you go in and you bump into walls because they are clear and then the different mirrors that twist and reshape your body.

Now look at the face my son is making.  He looks a bit worried.

When we came out of the funhouse he was feeling his head and checking his body to make sure he was still Decklen. Then wanted to go back in the house of mirrors. to really enjoy this “Magical” abode that changes your body  and makes your head like Frankensteins.

Afterward he kept asking me if he had something on his face. I kept reassuring him that he looked just fine just like the Decklen I know and love.

I never experienced my Daredevil afraid of anything. 

When you believe in the unknown (Magic) you realize the numbness of fear.

I no longer believe fear and trembling in GOD is a sacred or natural thing to do. More like Blasphemy  of  GOD that should bring us shame for doing so. After this experience with my youngest son at a traveling carnival for our towns “festival of turtles.”

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